McDonalds: The Veggie Burger Finally Arrives in France

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The Great Veggie will be available from 10 October. - Mcdonalds

FAST FOOD: McDonalds will launch its “Great Veggie” on 10 October. The French subsidiary of the fast-food chain and catching up …

McDonalds France is finally launching a vegetarian option. The fast-food chain will offer from the 10th October, the “Great Veggie” a completely vegetarian burger, but not entirely vegan. A first in France.

Salsify, carrots, pumpkin seeds …

In addition to a breaded salsify-carrot cake, this burger will stand out from the rest of the board with a bread sprinkled with pumpkin seeds, sesame and poppy. Inside, the Great Veggie see his veggie burger decorated with red cabbage and chopped white, sauce red pesto and a classic slice of Emmental cheese.

The giant burger emphasizes the French provenance of its new burger. Indeed, cabbage comes from Normandy , carrots and salsify are certified French origin as well as the emmental cheese. Even the bread is made from French wheat, same for the seeds.

The Great Veggie cost 8 euro menu

The Great Veggie be proposed at 5 € to 8 € map and menu, slightly higher than the Big Mac. McDonald’s therefore catching up in France. Indeed the veggie burger was already available in Italy, Norway. In India, there are even more meatless burgers to satisfy the country where beef consumption is anecdotal.

The French subsidiary of the sign of fast food wants to offer an alternative to traditional burgers for people who want to eat less meat, flexitarians, more and more in our country.

According to Bernard Boutboul of Gira Conseil, sector restoration specialist, “McDonald’s not riding a trend.” “Everyone must propose one to two vegetarian offerings, not for vegetarians, but for flexitarians,” he told RTL .

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