Nantes: Activists of #NuitDebout Block Front of McDonalds

Local News
Protestors of the #NuitDebout attempting to block access to McDonalds in Nantes

About fifty people sat to 8.30pm, in front of the doors of the MacDonalds of the place du Commerce in Nantes.

Thursday evening, in the centre of Nantes, at about 8.30pm, fifty activists of #NuitDebout staged a sit-in protest outside the McDonalds, attempting to block access to the doors of the restuarant.  McDonalds is a symbol in their eyes “of capitalism and the consumer society”.

But they have not been able to completely prevent customers from entering the restaurant. The action lasted for an hour. Then they returned to the place of Bouffay, for the continuance of their #NuitDebout protest against the proposed labour law.

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