McDonald’s Launches 100% Vegan Burger

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The newcomer at McDonald's in Germany: the Big Vegan TS

The American fastfood chain, McDonald’s is trying to seduce a new audience with the Big Vegan TS, a 100% vegetable burger. It is currently only available in Germany.

A little revolution at McDonald’s. The fast food chain launches a 100% vegan burger, inspired by its famous Big Mac, called Big Vegan TS. It will take a little longer to have it in France since it only lands in German restaurants for the moment.

No date on its release in France has been communicated.

The multinational explains on its website that it wants, “with its vegan hamburger, to follow new and innovative ways”.

“The debate around meat consumption and industrial farming is becoming more and more important and vegan food is attracting more and more people. “

A soy and wheat cake

In place of meat, the Big Vegan TS offers a slab of soy protein and wheat. It also contains a spicy mustard sauce, ketchup, Lollo Bionda salad and tomatoes.

Watch the Big Vegan TS commercial:

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