40 new municipalities in the North are now concerned by the drought alert.

Drought Alert in the North: 40 New Municipalities Affected by the Restrictions

The prefect of the North added Friday 26th July 2019, 40 municipalities to the list of cities in drought alert. This new alert concerns the Yser basin. 285 municipalities are now placed on enhanced drought alert in the North of France. On Friday 26th July 2019, the prefect of the Hauts-de-France decided to add 40 municipalities of the Yser […]

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Heat wave: 80 departments on orange alert, local records beaten

HeatWave: 80 Departments on Orange Alert, Local Records Beaten

Meteo France has just extended Tuesday 23rd July  2019 at 4pm its orange heatwave alert in 19 new departments. Severe thunderstorms are reported in five departments. There are now 81 departments that are placed in an orange alert by Meteo France, including 80 in the heatwave and five storms , according to the latest bulletin published at 16h Tuesday 23rd […]

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The heatwave of 2018 caused 1500 more deaths this summer

Heatwave 2018: About 1500 More Deaths this Summer

The heatwave of this summer caused 1500 more deaths compared to a normal summer. However, it’s ten times less than the 2003 heatwave. Details. The heat wave of summer 2018 caused about 1,500 more deaths than a normal summer, 10 times less than in the record of 2003, said Health Minister Agnès Buzyn on CNews Friday . “There was an excess of mortality […]

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60 departments are still in orange alert

Thunderstorms and Heatwave: 60 Departments Maintained on Orange Alert

On Tuesday, Meteo France has maintained the orange alert in 60 departments for heat wave and / or thunderstorms, while the heat wave comes to an end. The heat wave finally comes to an end: after days of heat, the last peak is reached on Tuesday in several regions, before a drop in temperatures caused by thunderstorms that could be violent […]

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One of the reactors at Fessenheim has shut down because of the heatwave

Heatwave: Shutdown of a Reactor at the Fessenheim Nuclear Power Plant

One of the reactors at the Fessenheim nuclear power station had to be shut down because of the hot weather. It is the fourth in France to suffer the consequences of the heatwave. EDF said on Saturday that it shut down one of the two reactors at the Fessenheim nuclear plant (Haut-Rhin) because of the hot weather. In […]

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One of Nancy's parks open later because of heatwave

Heatwave: In Nancy the Parks are Oopen until midnight

Faced with the episode of a heatwave that strikes Nancy, the city has decided to extend the opening of two parks until midnight, Wednesday. Hot blow record on the city of Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle) ! While the department, like 66 others, is placed in alert orange heat wave , the town hall tries to find solutions to appease its inhabitants. The […]

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The heatwave continues across Europe

Heatwave: 3 Deaths in Spain, Europe and France Continue to Sweat

Europe is facing a strong wave of heatwave. In most countries, record-breaking phenomena hit the population. In Spain, the phenomenon has made its first deaths. The heat wave, which has already killed three people in Spain, continues to rage across Western Europe, where, from north to south, tourists and residents continue to sweat and worry about the […]

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Heatwave and Traffic Jams: Black Day on the Roads, a Record of 67 Departments on Alert 1

Heatwave and Traffic Jams: Black Day on the Roads, a Record of 67 Departments on Alert

For this first weekend of August, prepare to suffocate and spend many hours in traffic jams if you go on vacation. The day of Saturday looks very difficult on the roads of France, classified black, and leaded by a heat wave that stifles two thirds of the departments placed in orange vigilance , a record. 🔶 67 […]

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Meteo France has extended the Orange Alert to 66 departments of France

Heatwave: The Orange Alert Extended to 66 Departments

Last night, Meteo France has widened the heatwave alert to 66 departments. Only Brittany and the Channel coast are not concerned. The heatwave was settled across France on Thursday, and almost all the country is on alert. In its 4pm  bulletin of Thursday, Meteo France has placed 66 departments in orange vigilance.  Two-thirds of the departments of France […]

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