Heatwave: Thirteen Departments are Placed in Red Alert this Wednesday for the Risk of Thunderstorms

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13 departments placed on red alert for thunderstorms and heatwave

WEATHER: Thunderstorms are expected from the west but it will still be very hot, according to Meteo France, which has placed 13 departments on Red Alert

Will they be the sign of a drop in temperatures? Local thunderstorms are expected this Wednesday morning on part of the western facade, between Vendée and Brittany. If the expected episode today will be brief (1 or 2 hours), Meteo France forecasts intense thunderstorms with hail, heavy rains, significant electrical activity and gusts that can locally exceed 100 km/h.

In total, thirteen departments in the north of the country remain in red alert for heatwave and thunderstorms and 60 departments of the South-West in the North-East are in orange vigilance. At the end of the morning, in the south of the Loire, the storm cells amplify and organize themselves into a denser system. This active and increasingly violent stormy body rises in the early afternoon over the Loire Valley then reaches Brittany and Maine, and in the late afternoon Lower Normandy.

Sustained showers

In the early evening, the thunderclaps will be more and more numerous on a southwest quarter. Showers can be sustained. In the northeast, light thunderstorms will occur during the day. They will strengthen in the evening.

In the Southeast, the low clouds present in the Gulf of Lion in the morning will dissipate over the hours. The weather will remain dry with variable skies from Provence to Rhône-Alpes. Showers accompanied by thunderclaps will develop over the Alps and the Massif Central.

The minimum temperatures will remain fairly high with 17 to 20 degrees in general, up to 20 to 22 in Hauts-de-France and in the South-West. Heavy accumulations of rain, hailstorms and violent gusts of wind are expected. This stormy wave will evacuate towards the English Channel at the beginning of next night.

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