Weather in Toulouse: A New Heatwave to come to Occitanie, it will Reach 39 °

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Thursday is going to be the hottest day of the week. The thermometer will reach 40 ° in the southwest and 38 to 39 ° in Toulouse.

On Monday 17th August 2020, temperatures start to rise in Toulouse and Occitanie. But this is nothing compared to the ones we will record on Thursday 20th August

It has been on Meteo France radars for several days, but Monday 17th August 2020, things are becoming clearer.

After a refreshment this weekend, the temperatures start to rise again on Monday. This will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday, but it will be nothing compared to what awaits us on Thursday. 

Peak intense heat in the south

On this day, temperatures that will peak at 40 degrees should be recorded in the South-West according to the Arpège model of Meteo France. 

38 ° to 39 ° in Toulouse

In the south of Toulouse, we should be temperatures close to 40 degreesIn the Garonne valley, the thermometer should be between 38 and 39 degrees.

Ditto in the Gers, the Haute-Pyrénées and the Tarn where the feeling will be burning.

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