Charente: The Winds Blow Hard, Some Damage and Power Cuts

Local News
Trees fell on several roads Charente Wednesday morning

The effects of the storm are felt in Charente since Wednesday morning.

The Eleanor storm that swept Wednesday north of France, has effects in our department, placed in orange alert (risk of flooding and strong winds). Since 8 o’clock, the wind blows and water offal are very important.

However, the damage is “very limited” according to firefighters.

The police report fallen trees on the D674 north of Montboyer and the D951 in Lessac.

In Cognac traffic lights went down at Fléac a sign that has not withstood the gusts. A Ruffec and Monmoreau, sections of walls momentarily crowded pavement.

A Montrollet on the D65, an electrical cable fell onto the road.

At the height of the gale, to 9 pm, 500 homes were without electricity in south (Pillac, Roullet) and the northeast (Saint-Claud and Montemboeuf). The teams from Enedis are working to restore power. Information at  09 72 67 50 16 .

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