The weather in Charente is getting worse

Weather in Charente: The Weather is Getting Worse

The weather in Charente is getting colder this Wednesday 22nd January The weather in Charente is getting colder this Wednesday 22nd January 2020, with temperatures of zero degrees in the countryside and 1 degrees in Angouleme at 8am this morning.  In the sky, a few clouds. Meteo France forecasts for a rather clear morning but the […]

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Attention of ice and freezing fog in the Manche this morning

Weather Forecast: Watch Out for the Ice and Freezing Fog this Tuesday Morning in the Manche

After the scattering of low clouds and morning mists, the weather will be very pleasant this Tuesday 21st January in the Manche, with low temperatures but bright sunshine. Like yesterday, the weather looks very pleasant this Tuesday 21st January in the Manche. But the consequences of this clear sky is that it is cold … Close to 0 this morning, the temperatures should […]

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In Australia: after the fires, floods ravage the east of the country

Australia: After the Fires, Floods Ravage the East of the Country

Heavy rains hit southeast Australia, much to the relief of farmers. But this torrential rain turns out to be a double-edged sword. In heavy rain fell on Friday, January 17, 2020 fire that ravaged eastern Australia, to the relief of some farmers who have already lost a significant part of their livestock and crops. The rain has given a […]

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The weather in Charente will feature rain today before a beautiful weekend

Weather in Charente: Rain Before a Beautiful Weekend

WEATHER: The weather in Charente will be a mixture of rain and clouds this Friday 17th January, before a better drier weekend The weather in Charente is humid this morning, but the air is mild. Meteo France forecasts a day of changeable weather this Friday 17th January 2020, with alternating rains and cloudy periods with a […]

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Toulouse weather: forecast for Friday 27th December 2019

Weather in Toulouse: Forecast for Friday 27th December 2019

WEATHER: Young and old can spend their day under a cloudy sky. The temperatures in Toulouse will be 7 ° C in the morning and 11 ° C in the afternoon … Today, the good weather will gradually take the place of clouds in Toulouse. It will be 7 ° C on average in the morning. A west wind […]

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The weather in Charente will be milder this afternoon

Weather in Charente: Milder and Cloudy this Afternoon

WEATHER: Although cloudy, the sun will appear this afternoon making the weather in Charente quite pleasant Today, the weather in Charente will see the sun is rather present throughout the morning, with a few clouds in the east of the department. It is 8 degrees in Angouleme and Cognac this morning. The temperatures will rise throughout […]

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The orange alert for “violent wind” has been extended to nearly 12 departments in central-eastern France.

Gusts of Violent Wind: Orange Alert Extended to 12 Departments of the Center-East

On the night of Thursday 19th December to Friday 20th December, a stormy episode will hit the Center-East and Burgundy. Twelve departments are placed on orange alert this Thursday. After having placed the departments of Rhône, Loire and Haute-Loire in orange vigilance “strong wind”, Meteo France has just extended vigilance to 9 other departments of Center-East and in Burgundy. Are concerned: Ain, Allier, Ardèche, Cantal, Côte-d’Or, Drôme, Isère, Puy-de-Dôme and […]

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