Weather: The First Heat Peak is Expected this Week, warns Meteo France

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Weather: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday should be the hottest days this week in France

France will experience its first heat peak this week, with temperatures above 30 degrees, even 35 degrees locally, warns Meteo France. “As of Monday, temperatures will return above seasonal norms,” ​​the agency said in a bulletin.

Tuesday, temperatures are expected to reach 26 ° to 30 ° over the northern half and 28 ° to 33 ° over the southern half, with particularly marked heat in the plains of the Southwest.

Over 35 degrees locally

“Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be the three hottest days,” said Meteo France, with the mercury reaching or exceeding 30 ° C “in most regions”. “We will very often reach 32 to 34 ° C from the southwest to Ile-de-France as well as in regions close to the Rhone valley,” says Meteo France. “The threshold for very hot weather (35 ° C) could be exceeded locally. “

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