Salmonella at Lactalis: These Controls in Mayenne that Sow Trouble

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DDCSPP the controllers would have seen nothing during a routine inspection carried out in September in the Lactalis factory of Craon, in Mayenne.

Le Canard enchaîné, published this Wednesday 3rd January, highlights some disturbing elements in the case of infant baby milk contaminated with salmonella at Lactalis. The weekly reveals that the controllers of the Departmental Directorate of social cohesion and the protection of populations (DDCSPP) saw nothing during a routine inspection carried out in September in the factory of Craon, in Mayenne. While the bacteria had already been identified by the dairy group. At least since August, according to the newspaper.

“How did the Controllers taken not detect any salmonella in September, as we know today, after investigation, that the plant was infected? “  That’s what wonders a health food safety expert, quoted in Le Canard enchaîné.  In its edition of Wednesday 3rd January, it reveals troubling revelations in the case of infant milk contaminated with salmonella at Lactalis . According to the newspaper, the controllers of the Departmental Directorate of social cohesion and the protection of populations (DDCSPP) saw nothing during a routine inspection carried out in September in the factory of Craon, in Mayenne. The bacterium was however already present at that time.

The enhanced analysis program, developed with “independent external laboratories” has indeed shown that a “dispersed contamination is installed in the factory Craon, following work carried out during the first half of 2017 “ . This is what was stated in a press release of the industrial Mayenne, on the 21st December.

A report found

On this point, Le Canard enchaîné goes further. “In August, Lactalis Nutrition Health had identified salmonella on cleaning materials and tiles. And in November, two months after the report reassuring Mayenne “ says the satirical newspaper. But “the world’s No. 1 dairy products not having the obligation to report on internal controls, it was careful to keep the matter …”

It was not until December that everything settles. An investigation was opened in mid-December by the Paris prosecutor, especially for “involuntary injury” and “endangering the lives of others” , which forced  the recall of thousands of tons of products. In the weeks leading up to the national survey of Fraud group went “one surprise” when he visited in Mayenne, reveals  Le Canard chains . “When Bercy agents discover the existence of the report of their veterinary colleagues (those of DDCSPP, Ed) […] it is found” .

The investigations were eventually entrusted to the gendarmes of the research section of Angers and Central fight against harm to the environment and public health (OCLAESP), specialized in this type of case.

The plant Craon partially stopped?

The French dairy group has since made two product recalls before announcing December 21st recall of all production of baby milk factory Craon (Mayenne) since February . Removing relates Picot branded products (powders and infant cereal) Milumel (powders and infant cereal) and Taranis (amino acid mixture powder for the treatment of pathologies) .

December 20, the Public Health Supervisory Authority France had identified 35 infants (20 girls) with salmonellosis in France since mid-August. This unusual number led her to speak of “epidemic” , but the health of these children is good, including 16 who were hospitalized. For 31 sick children, it was proved that they had used a baby milk factory of Lactalis  Craon. Salmonellosis is food poisoning ranging from mild gastroenteritis to more serious infections. They are potentially dangerous for young children, elderly or debilitated people.

The production plant, which belongs since 2006 to Lactalis, has also stopped production on the 8th December for a large cleaning facilities by order of the Prefect of Mayenne. She had already been contaminated with salmonella in 2005, just before his surrender. But  Le Canard chainsadvance the party dedicated to the manufacture of cereal boxes still works.

In this context, a complaint was filed in mid-December by Quentin Guillemain, father of a three-month girl who had consumed a lot concerned by the recalls but had not fallen ill. Today, dad, President of the “Association of families affected milk contaminated with salmonella” is concerned about these new revelations. “This is very serious […] What plays the authorities to protect the economic interests of Lactalis? “ If he asks.

Wednesday morning, the Lactalis group had not yet expressed his reaction.

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