The lifeless body of a German 70 years was found in Haute-Marne. This is the seventh death after the passage of the Eleanor storm.

Eleanor Storm: A Seventh Body Found in Haute-Marne

Wednesday 10th January, 2018, the body of a man, a German 70 years old, was found in Rouvres-sur-Aube, in Haute-Marne. This is the seventh victim of the Eleanor storm. The toll continues to mount. The prefecture of the Haute-Marne  announced the discovery of a body on Wednesday 10th January, 2018 in Rouvres-sur-Aube. It could be a German 70 years , reported missing after […]

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Savoy is placed in red alert for risk of avalanches.

Avalanches: Savoy Placed on Red Alert

Monday 8th January, Savoy was placed on red alert for avalanches. Five other departments are on orange alert for the risk of flooding, storms and avalanches. After the passage of Eleanor storm , which leaves behind six dead , five departments are always placed in orange alert for storms, floods and avalanches, according to Météo France. The Savoy, it is placed on red alert for avalanches, due to “exceptional circumstances […]

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A body has been found of one of the missing of the Eleanor storm

Eleanor Storm: The Body of a Man Found, the Record Goes to Six Dead and Two Missing

On Sunday, the body of an octogenarian disappeared in Lucenay-l’Évêque (Saône-et-Loire) was discovered in a river. Two people are still missing. The body of an octogenarian missing Thursday in Lucenay-l’Évêque (Saône-et-Loire) after the passage of Eleanor storm ,was found Sunday afternoon, we have learned from the prefecture of the department.  The balance sheet now passes six dead and two missing. “It’s […]

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People look at damage caused by the passage of the Eleanor storm January 6, 2018 in Wimereux (northern France)

Eleanor Storm: Five Dead, Three Missing, Flood Risk and 200 Million Euros of Damage

After the passage of the Eleanor storm, which killed five people, 15 departments are still orange alert flooding, while the policeman is sought in Paris. Fifteen departments remained Sunday orange alert , because of the risk of flooding, after the passage of Eleanor storm that made five dead, three missing, and at least 200 million euros of damage in a first estimate. […]

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Three people in France are missing after Eleanor storm

Eleanor Storm: Three People Missing in Floods

Friday as the search continues after the passage of the Eleanor storm to find a firefighter carried away by a torrent in Isère, two other people have disappeared. New floods are announced for Friday favored by rains Eleanor storm . It killed three people, including a woman drowned in her house in Isère, Crêts en Belledonne . A firefighter is missing , […]

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Eleanor storm, 25 departments remain on Orange alert

Eleanor Storm: 25 Departments on Orange Alert for Floods, Missing Firefighter

After the passage of the Eleanor storm, which leaves behind three dead and one missing firefighter, 25 departments remain on orange alert for flooding on Friday 5th January. The Eleanor storm left three dead and one missing in France since Wednesday. She leaves behind flooded villages, the skiers stranded with the risk of avalanches and exceptional fires in Corsica, which are […]

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A farmer was found dead in a snow slide in the Savoie, due to Eleanor storm

Eleanor Storm: A Farmer Found Dead in the Snow

Thursday, January 4, 2018, a farmer was found dead in a snow slide near his Alpine chalet in Savoie. The balance of the Eleanor storm is three dead. The toll rises following the passage of the Eleanor storm . After the death of a skier of 21 years on Wednesday, killed by a falling tree on a track of the station Morillon […]

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Fireman has been washed away whilst trying to help family in Savoy during Eleanor storm

Eleanor Storm Washed Away, a Fireman in Savoy

A volunteer firefighter was missing Thursday 4th January, 2018 at Détrier (Savoy). He was swept away while trying to rescue a family. A volunteer firefighter was missing , Thursday, January 4, 2018, after being swept away by the river’s Breda, in the town of Détrier (Savoy) . The incident occurred while the firefighter was trying with other colleagues to rescue a […]

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The level of the Seine rose rapidly, Wednesday, January 3, 2018 in the early afternoon. In Rouen (Seine-Maritime), the docks were submerged.

Rouen: After Eleanor Storm, the Seine Overflows in Rouen, Submerged Docks

Due to heavy rains caused by the storm Eleanor, the level of the Seine rose steadily, Wednesday 3rd January, 2018. In Rouen (Seine-Maritime), it overflowed around 2pm. Fast and hard. Wednesday, January 3, 2018, the level of the  Seine  rose rapidly following the heavy rains of recent storms, including  Eleanor . By early afternoon, the river burst its banks in  Rouen (Seine-Maritime) , to […]

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Woman dies at Isère due to flooding caused by Eleanor Storm

Eleanor Storm: A Woman Drowned in her House after Floods in Isère

On Thursday, a woman aged 93 years died at his home in Crêts en Belledonne (Isere), following torrential rains that fell in the wake of the Eleanor storm. This is the second person killed in France by Eleanor storm. This Thursday, January 4 in the morning, a woman of 93 years died drowned  in his house in the municipality […]

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