Road accident at Barro in the Charente after collision on the RN10

Charente: At barro, a Slight Injury in a Collision on RN10

ROAD ACCIDENT: At around 7.30am, firefighters were called for a collision of two vehicles at Barro (Charente) on the RN10 This Wednesday morning, around 7.30am, the firefighters were called for a collision between two vehicles on the RN 10, at Barro (Charente), in the direction of Angouleme-Poitiers. According to the initial investigation, one car struck […]

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Overcast Saturday for the Charente with some localised thunderstorms

Weather in Charente: Some Localized Thundersorms

The sky is generally well crowded with plenty of grey clouds across the charente, with some local thinning during the day, best in the East.  Maybe some drizzle in the evening on the western border. The temperatures are cooler to start the weekend with 1 degrees in the morning at Ruffec, 2 degrees  elsewhere. In the […]

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Trees fell on several roads Charente Wednesday morning

Charente: The Winds Blow Hard, Some Damage and Power Cuts

The effects of the storm are felt in Charente since Wednesday morning. The Eleanor storm that swept Wednesday north of France, has effects in our department, placed in orange alert (risk of flooding and strong winds). Since 8 o’clock, the wind blows and water offal are very important. However, the damage is “very limited” according to […]

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21 new migrants have arrived in Ruffec in the Charente

Charente: 21 New Migrants arrive in Ruffec

MIGRANTS: 70 migrants are now living in the former retirement home in Ruffec … They arrived on Tuesday in the afternoon around 6.30pm, from Paris. Twenty-one migrants, including 13 Afghans, two Ivorians, a Libyan and Eritreans have settled in the old people’s home of the Boulevard des Grands Rocs in Ruffec. They come from Paris, the outdoor […]

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