Angouleme: 700 Retired, Protest

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700 retired people protest in Angouleme against the change to pensions

The retired come out onto the streets of Angouleme over the revaluation of their pensions

Police announce that 500 protestors were present, the unions claiming the figure was 700.  Many retirees were in any case this Thursday’s answering the call of the unions in Angouleme streets to protest against the increase of the CSG and to demand a revaluation of their pensions.

And it’s a real anger that was expressed in the procession. “It happens, it despicable to me! I am retired since 2013 and pensions have not been increased since. Clearly, I lose my purchasing power, testifies Guy Feyfant Fléac. . If we return to the street, I will come back “ Daniel Mercier, Saint-Yrieix, retired from the industry, did the math: ” the increase of the CSG, it represents € 450 less per year for me, then the internet is over! “   For Anne-Marie Durr, retired teacher since 2013, ” there is too blatant to be laughed at us, we will not get the money where it is. “

The procession made noise outside the prefecture, and a delegation was received by the Thomas Mesnier, MP for the En March party of the first district. “We are pleased with this mobilization, we felt that anger in our meetings with people” , says Daniel Baudout, secretary of the CGT-USR 16. The Union says it is ready to regroup quickly.

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