Mosquitoes proliferate in the Nantes region

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Mosquitoes proliferate in the Nantes region

Regional Health Agency (ARS) reports that mosquitoes abound now in the Nantes region.

“Following the recent strong tidal coefficients, a moderate outbreak of mosquito Aedes eggs caspius was observed by the Atlantic EID (interdepartmental facility for mosquito control the Atlantic coast in the estuary of the Loire). Current climatic conditions favoured the increase and migration of mosquitoes in the Nantes region “ , said in a statement, the Regional Health Agency (ARS). However, this increase should end quickly in less than a week.

Precautions? Wear loose, covering clothes, use of skin repellents, avoid going out with very young children in the evening … Because “major nuisance felt, namely officials bites inflammatory skin reactions, usually occur in the late afternoon and in the evening. “

Finally, the LRA states that no tiger mosquito was observed in Loire-Atlantique.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact with EID Atlantique Supervision of the tiger mosquito in the area.

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