Bastille Day

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Bastille day in France

The 14th July, is a good day to be in France as it is Bastille Day, a National Holiday, and a perfect time to meet up with family and friends.

This year we had my daughters boyfriend staying with us and spent the day in the pool, which is the ideal place to be with temperatures soaring to 39° C.

Later, in the evening, we drove down to Grand Fourgeray where they hold a Firework Display. While you wait for the display to start there are various beer tents, barbeque and disco to keep you entertained and get you in the party mood.

Then the lights all go out for the display to commence, and every year it seems to get better with one of the best displays I have ever seen. They even set fireworks off inside the Tower giving the impression that it is on fire.

A truly magnificent event and just one of many that happen throughout the year, throughout France.

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