Bordeaux: A Tram Accident Severely Disrupts Traffic

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Accident between a tram and a car Wednesday morning Saint-Genes barrier in Bordeaux

A tram on line B collided with a vehicle at the gate of Saint-Genes in Bordeaux. The emergency services were on site …

Today, Wednesday 16th November at around 7.30am, a car and a tram on line B collided at the gate of Saint-Genes, in the southern part of the boulevards of Bordeaux.

The traffic was completely stopped in this high traffic area of the city of Bordeaux, between the city centre and the university campus. Emergency services arrived quickly with several vehicles.

Firefighters were quickly on site at the accident in Bordeaux
Firefighters were quickly on site © PHOTO THIERRY DAVID

Two people , one young passenger and the driver, were supported by firefighters. The young woman made a malaise upon impact while the driver, aged 24, was slightly injured. Both were evacuated to a hospital.

Accident in Bordeaux between a car and the tram

Traffic is very distrupted throughout the area during the incident, with traffic resuming at 9.15 am, although tailbacks and distruption continues for the present.


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