The curfew introduced at 6 p.m. "has relative effectiveness", "very tight confinement" is one of the scenarios considered

Coronavirus: The Curfew Introduced at 6 pm “Has Relative Effectiveness”, “Very Tight Confinement” is One of the Scenarios Considered

EPIDEMIC: Gabriel Attal was speaking about the curfew and confinement following the Council of Ministers and the Health Defence Council The curfew introduced at 6 pm “has relative effectiveness” and “does not sufficiently slow down” the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 virus to be “fully effective”, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Wednesday. “Different scenarios” are being studied to deal […]

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Faced with German doubts, AstraZeneca defends the effectiveness of its vaccine against coronavirus

Coronavirus: Faced with German Doubts, AstraZeneca Defends the Effectiveness of its Vaccine

VACCINE: According to two German papers, Angela Merkel’s government would count on very low effectiveness of the vaccine of the British laboratory, AstraZeneca for the over 65s In view of the fears that vaccines against coronavirus Covid-19 may inspire, AstraZeneca has carried out a demining operation. The British pharmaceutical company defended on Monday evening the effectiveness of its vaccine for people over […]

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Moderna vaccine works for coronavirus Covid-19 mutations

Coronavirus: Moderna Vaccine Remains Effective Against British and South African Mutations, Laboratory Assures

EPIDEMIC: Moderna said, however, that she would work to develop an additional dose to further increase protection against mutations.  The vaccine of Moderna against coronavirus remains effective against the British and South African mutation of the coronavirus, assured the US biotechnology company in a statement released Monday. The vaccine “protects against variants detected on this date” estimated laboratory experts after a series […]

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Netherlands experiences first curfew since World War 2

Coronavirus: Netherlands Experiences First Curfew Since World War II

CURFEW: At least until February 9th, the Dutch will not be able to go out between 9 pm and 4.30 am to try and stem coronavirus epidemic You have to go back to World War II to find any trace of such a measure in the Netherlands. In order to fight against the spread of coronavirus Covid-19, the country […]

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A mutation of the coronavirus found in a Toulouse nursing home

Coronavirus in Toulouse: Eleven Cases of the English Mutation Detected in a Retirement Home, One Resident Dead

EPIDEMIC: The English mutation has been detected in three staff members and eight residents of the facility, including one resident who recently died It is a cluster, which is more of the English mutation of the coronavirus. The regional health agency of Occitanie (Arsoc) announced this Sunday that eleven cases of the British mutation of the virus were […]

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Will Emmanuel Macron announce a third confinement of France this week

Coronavirus: A New Confinement Announced This Week by Emmanuel Macron?

CONFINEMENT:  Olivier Véran indicates that it is this week that we will see if the generalized curfew at 6 p.m. has its effects in reducing the coronavirus epidemic It is Le Journal du Dimanche that makes its front page on this: according to the weekly, a third confinement against the coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic could be decreed as early as this week, […]

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British coronavirus mutation is more deadlier says Boris Johnson

Coronavirus: British Mutation is Deadlier, Warns Boris Johnson

EPIDEMIC: Studies are underway around the world to determine the reasons for the greater contagiousness of the British mutation of coronavirus The mutation of the new coronavirus detected in Great Britain and already present in sixty other countries seemed to be not only more contagious but also more deadly, announced the British Prime Minister, this Friday, confirming the worst fears. This […]

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Covid-19: faced with the English variant, the government is considering new confinement

Covid-19: Faced with the English Mutation, the Government is Considering a New Confinement

British and South African variants are gaining ground in France. And if the number of cases continues to increase, more stringent measures could be taken. More contagious, the variants of coronavirus Covid-19 worry the authorities at the highest point. To date, two variants have been identified in France: one from South Africa, the other from the United Kingdom. The latter has also […]

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What do we know about the coronavirus vaccine deaths

Coronavirus: What Do We Know About the Five Cases of Vaccine Deaths?

DEATH: No link has so far been established between the deaths of these people and their coronavirus vaccination Five people in France and more than 70 in Europe have died among all those who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. While the reliability of vaccines is sometimes questioned by some populations, these cases are viewed with […]

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Ice cream tested positive for coronavirus in China

China: Ice Cream Tested Positive for Coronavirus

VIRUS: Employees of the factory where the ice cream was made were quarantined and tested for coronavirus Three samples of ice made by a company in northern China have tested positive for the coronavirus. Tests had been carried out on these foods by the municipal centre for disease control. The 1,662 employees of the company have been quarantined and subjected to […]

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