The implementation of “angina tests” in pharmacies is postponed until the spring.

Implementation of “Angina Tests” in Pharmacies Postponed to Spring

Pharmacies will not be able to perform tests on the 1st January 2020 to find out if angina is viral or bacterial. The implementing decrees are not ready You will still have to wait a bit to find out if your angina is viral or bacterial. The free tests to detect the nature of the virus were to be made […]

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The southern part of the region was the most affected. But the epidemic is progressive.

The Epidemic of Gastroenteritis Arrives in the Charente

HEALTH: The Gastroenteritis epidemic which has been spreading throughout France, has arrived in the Charente region The reality seems to have gotten a little ahead of the statistics of Sentinelles, this network of doctors, for the most part, generalists, who compile data linked to epidemics of acute diarrhoea, flu, chickenpox in particular. The network has noted […]

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The pain of gastroenteritis is sudden and quite severe.

In Brittany, Gastroenteritis Invites Itself During the Holidays

Have you spent Christmas with your head above a bowl? Don’t panic, it’s the return of the faithful gastro. In Brittany, the disease has been very active for several weeks. While others were rejoicing at a busy party table, your stomach was yoyo and pains were twisting your stomach? Like many Britons at the moment, you have probably contracted the gastroenteritis virus. Most often benign, it […]

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An operation against Nitrates in Food

Health: A Petition Launched Against Nitrite Salts in the Diet

CANCER: The League against Cancer and Yuka application are among the organizations behind the petition banning nitrite salts in food The NGO Foodwatch, the application Yuka and the League against cancer announced Wednesday the launch of a petition, addressed to Agnès Buzyn , to request the ban of nitrite salts in the diet because of their role in the appearance of […]

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The death of an 18-year-old attributed to the use of the electronic cigarette in Belgium

Belgium: The Death of an 18-year-old Attributed to the Use of the Electronic Cigarette

TOXIC: A Mixture of Cannabidiol with vitamin E acetate (oil), used in electronic cigarettes which has already caused deaths in the United States, is believed to have caused his death It’s a first in the country. InBelgium, an 18-year-old man died of respiratory failure. The authorities attributed the death to the vaping and a mixture of harmful products contained in […]

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Pumpkin Liebig soups recalled due to various problems

Pumpkin Liebig Soups Recalled due to Various Problems

While it’s the peak season of pumpkin soup, Liebig is reminiscent of velvety cartons. “Failure of packaging, raw material or sterilization process”: the European group Continental Foods recalled Liebig brand pumpkin soup bricks sold either individually (1 litre) or in a batch of two (twice) 1 litre), especially in Cora stores, according to La Voix du […]

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Call for Vigilance against Cases of Local Transmission of Dengue and Zika in the Var

Call for Vigilance against Cases of Local Transmission of Dengue and Zika in the Var

Health authorities on Tuesday called for vigilance after the report of two first cases of local transmission of zika virus in the Var and facing the rise of indigenous cases of dengue in France Health authorities on Tuesday called for vigilance after the report of two first cases of local transmission of zika virus in […]

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Do not place your mobile phone close to your body

It is Not Good to Keep your Mobile Phones Close to the Body, according to ANSES

BAD WAVES: ANSES publishes on Monday its expertise on the dangers of exposure to mobile phones worn close to the body In a report published on Monday, the National Health Security Agency (ANSES) assesses the possible health effects of exposure to mobile phones. When worn very close to the body, smartphones can be a health […]

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The consumption of steaks contaminated with E. coli germ can have serious consequences in children.

System U Recalls Frozen Steak Hache, No Contamination with E. coli Bacteria

Complementary examinations confirm that any suspicion of E. coli contamination is removed. New alert regarding contaminated steak Hache. System U indicates Thursday 101th October 2019 have withdrawn from sale a lot of frozen hamburger steak hache “because of a suspicion of the presence of E. coli germ“. Later in the day, U stores raised the alert in a press release […]

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These vegetable juices are aesthetic and good for your health

These Vegetable Juices are Aesthetic and Good for your Health

Here is a best of vegetable juice that changes the classic carrot-orange! Ideal for a cure of vitamins and minerals or for a trendy and original aperitif … The red power: beetroot, carrot, grapefruit and ginger Here is a juice that will please children for its extraordinary colour.. and to all for its delicious taste. Red Power […]

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