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SCO Angers to takeover and run Angers TV

SCO Angers to takeover and run Angers TV

Local television, TV Angers, will be taken over by the SCO …

The football club Angers SCO will takeover the local television station, Angers TV.  This is what the city, which had initiated the launch of the local channel, has decided, it said on Monday on its website.  The project presented by the club president, Saïd Chabane, has said that the content of should be unveiled on Thursday at a press conference, was preferred to two candidates from the local media environment.

“The jury found that, in accordance with the specifications that had been specified by the community, this project is one that is best anchored in the Angevin territory and which is likely to participate in its influence in the most appropriate manner” justified the city of Angers. It states that “funding from the city of Angers and Angers Loire Métropole on the order of 300,000 euros (HT) will accompany the launch of the proposed takeover.”

Find partners

Major funders of Angers TV – to the tune of 400,000 euros per year for the city and € 300,000 for the agglomeration of an estimated 800,000 euros- budget, both communities had expressed the wish in the spring to review their commitment and model Economic Media launched in February 2013 at the initiative of the previous mayor, Frédéric Béatse (PS).

“I think that having a local television for a territory, it’s a chance (…) but we have to find partners for an economic model in which the weight of the public is not as decisive,” had supported his successor, Christophe Béchu (The Republicans), also president of Angers Loire Métropole.

Angers TV employs eight employees. Only part of the workforce will be keep their jobs.

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