Missing Family near Nantes: The Credit Card of Daughter used Fraudulently

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Mother and daughter had reported fradulent use of Credit Card

Hours before the mysterious disappearance of a family of Orvault, on 16th February, north of Nantes, the mother and daughter had reported the fraudulent use of the credit card of the teenager.

Thursday 16th February, it is now known this is the day when everything changed for the family Troadec, living at rue d’Auteuil, in Orvault, in the northern suburbs of Nantes. Since Brigitte, 56, and Pascal 49, and their two children, Charlotte, 18, and Sebastien, 21, have disappeared, with no longer signs of life.

Investigators have already restored a job after the family time that day. In particular, they found that the mother and daughter had reported, in the morning of the 16th, just before noon, fraudulent use of the credit card of the teenager. It would, according to our information, used to pay for video games. Can not say for now if this has anything to do with their disappearance.

In the evening, just before 8 pm, a young girl was talking on internet with Charlotte Troadec. In the night, around 3.15am, Sebastian’s phone was turned off. It was found covered in blood. Of the four phones of the family, it is the last device that was switched off.

A criminal homicide, kidnapping should be opened by the prosecutor on Monday 27th February. The investigation will therefore now headed by a judge.

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