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Weather Forecast for Sunday: Clouds and Rain in the North, dry in the South

On Sunday it will be cloudy in the north with a rainy disturbance while on the south, it will remain dry, according to the weather forecast from Meteo France.

A rainy disturbance will travel on neighboring regions of the English Channel in the night from Saturday to Sunday and spread to the northern half of the country Sunday morning.

North of the Loire and to the north of Franche-Comté, the sky will be very crowded in the morning, with showers at times. The rains will be more generalized near the Channel and north of the Seine, sometimes stormy to Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine, particularly near the northern borders.

The southwest wind is still strong enough in the morning off the coast of Channel and northern borders. In the afternoon the rain will remain more frequent and sometimes supported in the Northeast, especially from Burgundy to Alsace; they gradually spread to the Jura and the northern Alps.

Northwest, rain will fade in the afternoon

On the northwest of the country, however, the rains will fade in the afternoon and the sky become brighter between Normandy and the Belgian border.

On the south, the weather will remain dry, but fairly dense cloudy periods often covering the sun, and the heat will be heavier, the sky will remain brighter southern Aquitaine to the Mediterranean.

Morning temperatures will range from 14 to 19 degrees usually around 20 degrees on the Mediterranean. In the afternoon, the highest will be down on the northern half will be 21-27 degrees, from 18 to 22 near the Channel and the Belgian border, 22-26 on the Atlantic coast. South peak yet reach 26-32 degrees in general, up to 33 in Midi-Pyrenees, from 34 to 36 degrees of Roussillon in the Rhone Valley and Provence.

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