Overweight, low physical activity ... diabetes can occur according to several factors. (© cc search)Overweight, low physical activity ... diabetes can occur according to several factors.

Health: A Diabetes Screening Organised this Saturday at Leclerc in Châteaubriant

An anonymous and free diabetes screening day will be held in the lobby of the Leclerc store in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique), this Saturday 16th March, 2019. The Lion’s club Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) The Mea organizes, with Lider diabetes (for  Lions international dépistage et recherche diabète ) and the hospital center Châteaubriant-Nozay-Pouancé , a day of anonymous and free screening of diabetes . It will take place on Saturday 16th March, […]

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Fifty Yellow Vests filtered trucks on Thursday 21st February in Cholet

Cholet: An Action of Yellow Vests in the Zone du Cormier

About fifty protesters have filtered a few trucks circulating in the industrial area of ​​Cormier, southwest of Cholet, during the night of Thursday 21st to Friday 22nd February. They stayed up all night. Yellow vests filtered, Thursday 21st February, from 9pm, entries and exits of heavy trucks, in the industrial area of ​​Cormier, Cholet ( […]

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The weather in France is nice almost everywhere

Weather: It’s Nice (almost) Everywhere in France

The weather on Sunday will generally be sunny, except in Brittany and around the Gulf of Lion, according to Meteo France forecasts. The sun is at the rendezvous this Sunday afternoon almost everywhere in France. Almost ? The weather will often be very cloudy around the Gulf of Lion (Mediterranean-Western) and in Brittany with a few drops […]

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The Yellow Vests parade in the city center of Nantes this Saturday

Nantes: Yellow Vests Demonstrate for the 13th Consecutive Saturday

This Saturday 9th February, the Yellow Vests were demonstrating in the city centre of Nantes for the 13th weekend in a row. At the height of the afternoon, there were a thousand. Weekends follow and look alike. This Saturday 9th February, in Nantes, Yellow Vests stroll into the city centre, for what they call “act 13” . The procession set out […]

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Although fewer in numbers than previous weeks, Yellow Vests still protested in Chateaubriant for the 13th Week

Yellow Vests: Fifteen Protesters in Châteaubriant this Saturday 9th February

MOBILISATION: Although fewer in numbers than previous weeks, Yellow Vests still protested in Chateaubriant for the 13th Week This Saturday 9th February, 2019, the first weekend of the holidays, the yellow vests were a little less numerous (about ten around noon and fifteen at 4pm) on the roundabout near Leclerc Chateaubriant they occupy every Saturday […]

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The football field of Aigné (Sarthe) has vandalised

Aigné: The Vandalised Football Pitch

The football field of Aigné (Sarthe) has vandalised. The football field of Aigné (Sarthe) has vandalized. A skid that is expensive.   The contours of the Aigné stadium have undergone profound upheavals. Some were planned as the disappearance of the poplars to enlarge the parking lot or the construction of a city-stadium which will extend the petanque part in the near future. But having a new motocross pitch with a stock-car was not […]

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Flu epidemic arrives in the Pays de la Loire

Flu Arrives in Pays de la Loire: Sarthe is the Most Affected Department

For the first week of January, cases of flu increase in Pays de la Loire, particularly in Sarthe. The epidemic is likely to progress further At the beginning of 2019, according to the weekly map published by the network Sentinelles , the flu is coming in force in the west of France . The epidemic of influenza began in  Occitan and 10 regions are […]

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Two special days in Châteaubriant and Derval for summer jobs

Two Days to Help Young People Find a Summer Job in Châteaubriant and Derval

Two days are organised in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) and Derval to help young people between the ages of 16 and 25 to find a job next summer. Summer is still a long way off but young people can already start preparing for their next summer. If they want to find a small job during the summer season, two meetings […]

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Town centre business in Châteaubriant burgled

Châteaubriant: A New Business Burgled in the Town Centre

The Africa market, located Grande Rue in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique), was robbed on the night of Monday 31st December, 2018 to Tuesday 1st January, 2019. On the night of Friday 21 to Saturday 22 December 2018 eight shops in the town centre of Chateaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) had been victims of burglary and flights, such as haberdashery Fan Fantasy, Quenillet Street (sixty euros stolen in the cash […]

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A drop in temperatures across France this Friday

Weather: A Cold Snap and Possible Snowfall in France on Friday

Several regions of France should be concerned by a sharp drop in temperatures and snowfall this Friday 4th January, 2019. The year 2018 ended with very mild temperatures in France . The next one started on the same basis, but it should all be over soon. A drop in temperatures is expected from this Friday, January 4, 2019 […]

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