5 Criteria to Consider when Choosing car Insurance

Whatever use you make of your car, taking out insurance is mandatory. To choose it with full knowledge of the facts, certain criteria must be taken into account.

Whatever use you make of your car, Insurance is a mandatory requirement by law.  We have set out some basic general criteria to consider when you are looking for the right insurance company to get your car insured in France.


The price is of course an essential element in the choice of your insurance formula. It depends on the type of cover chosen and the guarantees provided for in the contract. The price is all the higher as these guarantees are numerous.

Before you decide, it is best to ask the insurance company for a quote. Anyway, do not hesitate to play the competition. Talk to several insurers and compare their offers.

Also consider using an online comparator. After answering a few questions, in order to identify your needs, you will have access to the offers that best meet your expectations.


Auto insurance offers you several types of protection. Basic coverage is represented by what insurers call motor vehicle liability insurance .

This is the basic insurance, the minimum that the law requires you to provide. It is also called third-party insurance, because, in the event of an accident, only the damage caused to others is covered.

This insurance can be supplemented by additional guarantees, such as theft or glass breakage. But it is the all-risk insurance that provides you with the most complete protection.

As its name suggests, this insurance covers almost all risks that may arise on the road, even if you are responsible for an accident. It is therefore the most extensive coverage.


This is an element that must be taken into account when choosing insurance. The deductible represents the sum that remains your responsibility. Its amount is specified in the contract.

It varies depending on the insurer, but also on the type of claim concerned. Some insurance companies offer lower deductibles or even do not provide any, the latter possibility being most often optional.

In this case, the insurance premiums will generally be higher. It is therefore necessary to pay the same attention to the amount of the deductible as to the price of the insurance.

Car insurance in France
Consider all the options in the car insurance contract in France


In some cases, the insurer will refuse to compensate you. These car insurance exclusions are of two types. First, the legal exclusions, which apply by law, include, for example, driving without a licence.

As for contractual exclusions, they are not provided for by law but by the insurer. They can come into play if the driver involved in a claim was driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

Similarly, damage caused by an accident may not be covered if the insured commits a hit-and-run or if the speed of his vehicle exceeds the authorised limit by at least 50 km/h.


The choice of car insurance can also be made according to the additional guarantees it provides. You can thus choose, according to your needs, the zero kilometre breakdown option, which ensures that you will be repaired even at the bottom of your home.

Another guarantee can be just as interesting: the loan of a vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident. But there are still other guarantees, such as protection against theft of objects you carry in the car.

In the event of a claim, the repatriation of the driver and passengers, by train or taxi, or the intervention of an ambulance, are part of the assistance services that car insurance can provide.