Man arrested in Nantes after sexually assaulting two women on TGV

Nantes: He Slides his Hand on the Thigh of Two Women on the TGV

A 35 year old man was arrested in Nantes Station, Thursday, April 27, at 4 pm. He was placed in custody for sexual assault of two women, a transient and a Controller. He will be tried in immediate appearance on Tuesday. The passenger of a Paris-Nantes TGV had an inappropriate gesture towards a woman, on […]

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Delays on the SNCF trains to Paris, should be resolved by the afternoon

SNCF: The Return to Normal Schedule around Noon on the Southwest TGV Network

TRANSPORT: A power problem south of Montparnasse is the cause of delays on the SNCF network this morning … We must be patient on Tuesday morning if one is travelling on a Paris-Bordeaux TGV. The movement of train is indeed interrupted for from 6.30am between the stations of Paris-Montparnasse and Saint-Jean in Bordeaux. Trafic TGV interrompu […]

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The enfant was reunited with its parents at Angers station

Angers: The Train had left with the Baby without her Mother …

Rather unusual story on Monday in Angers station. A young mother with her partner, has recovered their 7 month infant, after taking a cigarette break for a little too long, at Le Mans station. On Monday, a young mother, with her partner and her baby, who live near Angers, are on the TGV Lille-Nantes. It arrived […]

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Strike action at SNCF will cause ditruptions to scheduled rail services in the Pays de la Loire

SNCF: Distruptions in the Pays de la Loire this Monday

Due to a strike, disruptions are expected in rail traffic tomorrow, Monday 2nd January. All of the Pays de la Loire region is affected … Two unions (CGT and Sud Rail) filed a notice of strike action, on the organization of drivers’ work. Distruptions  are waiting for Monday 2nd January. TER  : on average, seven TER out […]

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There will be disruptions to the transport services in Nantes today due to strike action

Nantes: Very Large Transportation Disruptions Thursday

Reinflate the tires on your bike or do you buy good shoes. Due to a national strike to protest against the new proposed Labour Bill, public transport in Nantes will be severely disrupted on Thursday. First, according to Semitan, one third of the operating crew will be on strike.  Consequently, the service will be provided (though it […]

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Due to a national rail strike, there are delays on the trains in the Alsace area

Alsace: Small Delays Expected on Trains due to Strike

Due to a national strike, the movement of trains will be slightly disturbed in Alsace this Thursday, March 31 … Due to a national rail strike movement, covering the period from Wednesday, 30th March 30 from 7pm till 8am on Friday, April 1, train movements will only be very slightly disturbed in Alsace on Thursday 31st March. […]

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