SNCF: The Return to Normal Schedule around Noon on the Southwest TGV Network

Local News
Delays on the SNCF trains to Paris, should be resolved by the afternoon

TRANSPORT: A power problem south of Montparnasse is the cause of delays on the SNCF network this morning …

We must be patient on Tuesday morning if one is travelling on a Paris-Bordeaux TGV. The movement of train is indeed interrupted for from 6.30am between the stations of Paris-Montparnasse and Saint-Jean in Bordeaux.

This is actually all the Montparnasse network is disrupted. All trains from Paris before 10 am are removed. The TGV from Brittany and the Loire have, themselves, take a slower line via Chartres arrivingg two hours late. Several trains are held in various stations (Angoulême, Poitiers, Tours …) In Bordeaux station, SNCF invites travelers to postpone their departure for Paris.

A power problem south of the Montparnasse train station is the cause of the failure, since overhead power lines would have been torn by a train. The return to normal is expected around noon

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