La Baule: Two Girls Lie on the Tracks “for fun”

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Two teenage girls lie on the tracks at La Baule Station "For Fun"

Two girls aged 13 years old, forced a train to stop at 300 meters from the station of La Baule.

Their idea of fun is special and above all, it could have serious consequences. On Saturday, 9th April, at around 2pm, the two teenage girls, both 13 years old, decided to lie down “for fun” on the railway 300 metres from the station of La Baule, Loire-Atlantique. Their “joke” forced the TGV linking Nantes to La Baule and fortunately  decelerating at that distance from the station to stop, as reported in the daily Ouest France  and  Presse Ocean .   After both girls refused to move by the SNCF staff at the La Baule railway station, the police had to intervene, fifteen minutes later, to dislodge them.  Arrested, the adolescent girls were handed over to their parents.  For its part, the SNCF decided to lodge a complaint against the two girls, according to Ouest France .

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