Strike at SNCF: Only 34% of trains will run on the Atlantic TGV line on Tuesday

Strike at SNCF: Only 34% of Trains will Run on the Atlantic TGV Line on Tuesday

SOCIAL MOVEMENT: Chatillon SNCF maintenance centre employees demand payment for their strike days Disturbances are to be expected if you take the TGV Atlantique line on Tuesday. Only 34% of the trains will be in circulation because of a strike of 200 agents specialized in the maintenance in suburbs of Paris, said Monday the management of the SNCF. Traffic was already […]

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Breakdown at Montparnasse station: return of traffic to normal

Breakdown at Montparnasse Station: Return of Normal Traffic

After several incidents Thursday 31st January, 2019 at the station of Paris-Montparnasse, the TGV traffic “on the Atlantic arc” returned to normal this Friday morning. Traffic returned to normal Friday morning at the Montparnasse station where the movement of TGV was strongly disrupted all Thursday Thursday after a power failure, we learned from the SNCF. “This morning, on all […]

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In one year, the TGV Océane is the subject of a first positive assessment, according to the SNCF

One Year after the Commissioning of the TGV Océane, Traffic Increased by 60% between Paris and Toulouse

The TGV Océane is one year old. On this occasion, the SNCF established Monday 25th June, 2018 a positive balance sheet of its first year of operation between Toulouse and Paris. The point on the numbers One year after the implementation of the  High Speed ​​Line between Bordeaux and Paris, Sunday 2nd  July, 2017, the SNCF prepares an initial assessment […]

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The strike at the SNCF continues with severe disruptions to the rail network

Strike at the SNCF: 35% of the TGV will Circulate on Monday, 40% of TER and Transilien

According to the management of the SNCF, 35% of the TGV will circulate Monday 23rd April while a new strike at the SNCF starts of the railway workers this Sunday evening. Details. Train traffic will again be very disrupted Monday, April 23, with 35% of the TGV in circulation, 30% of Intercités, 40% of TER, RER and Transilien , said Sunday […]

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The strike at SNCF on Thursday will result in the circulation of 40% of TGVs, 25% of Intercités and 50% of TER, while 30% of trains in Ile-de-France will be insured

Strike at SNCF, Thursday: 40% of the TGV, 25% of Intercités and 50% of TER Insured

The strike at SNCF scheduled for Thursday 22nd March will result in the removal of many trains: less than one TGV and TER out of two, and Intercity out of four will be insured. The strike on Thursday at the SNCF will result in the circulation of 40% of TGVs, 25% of Intercités and 50% of TER, while 30% […]

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A report to the government on SNCF, mentions the end of the status of railway workers at hiring.

SNCF: Spinetta Report Calls for End of Railway Worker’s Status

Jean-Cyril Spinetta’s SNCF report to the government on Thursday morning suggests ending the railway workers’ special status. A stripping report submitted Thursday, February 15 to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe advocates deep reforms of the SNCF , in particular a transformation into a public limited company and the end of the status of railway employee . Ordered to the former president […]

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Rennes to Paris by TGV in 1 hour and 26 mins

Rennes: Paris by TGV in 1 h 26 – “A historic moment for Brittany”

1 hour 26 minutes and 11 seconds! This is the time made this Wednesday morning on the first train using the new high speed line between Paris and Rennes. Just one minute longer than the time originally planned. An event which was attended by local and regional representatives. For them, this is indeed a historic moment. “Channel 3 attention […]

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Man arrested in Nantes after sexually assaulting two women on TGV

Nantes: He Slides his Hand on the Thigh of Two Women on the TGV

A 35 year old man was arrested in Nantes Station, Thursday, April 27, at 4 pm. He was placed in custody for sexual assault of two women, a transient and a Controller. He will be tried in immediate appearance on Tuesday. The passenger of a Paris-Nantes TGV had an inappropriate gesture towards a woman, on […]

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Delays on the SNCF trains to Paris, should be resolved by the afternoon

SNCF: The Return to Normal Schedule around Noon on the Southwest TGV Network

TRANSPORT: A power problem south of Montparnasse is the cause of delays on the SNCF network this morning … We must be patient on Tuesday morning if one is travelling on a Paris-Bordeaux TGV. The movement of train is indeed interrupted for from 6.30am between the stations of Paris-Montparnasse and Saint-Jean in Bordeaux. Trafic TGV interrompu […]

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