Angers: The Train had left with the Baby without her Mother …

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The enfant was reunited with its parents at Angers station

Rather unusual story on Monday in Angers station. A young mother with her partner, has recovered their 7 month infant, after taking a cigarette break for a little too long, at Le Mans station.

On Monday, a young mother, with her partner and her baby, who live near Angers, are on the TGV Lille-Nantes. It arrived in Le Mans train station at 8.28pm, the two adults decide to go outside on the platform to smoke a cigarette, leaving the boy inside the train.

Four minutes later, despite calls, the TGV starts off again towards Angers, without the couple having had time to get back on board.

Controllers and nannies

After several minutes, passengers are aware of the situation and take the alarm to stop the train.The infant is then supported by the team of controllers.

The couple decides to take the next train. Because of the rapid action of the staff from the SNCF and police personnel, the young mother was able to find her child safe, having arrived seven minutes earlier, and in good health.

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