Parent offers fans at school, inspection removes them

Heat wave: A Student Parent Offers Fans at a School in Val-de-Marne, The Inspector Removes Them

HEAT WAVE: The father had paid 400 euros out of his pocket to buy the ten fans for the school in Val-de-Marne to combat the heat wave The father wanted to do well, it was not counting the passage of an inspector of Education. With the wave of heat raging in Ile-de-France and in most of the country, […]

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An 11-year-old girl commits suicide in Val d'Oise, her family denounces harassment

Val d’Oise: 11-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide, Family Denounces School Bullying

SUICIDE: Youngster in Val d’Oise reportedly being harassed by other students at school and on social networks An 11-year-old girl has ended her life on Friday night at Herblay’s family home in the Val d’Oise, reports on Tuesday. Le Parisien. The girl hanged herself on a scarf that she had hung on her bed. She was rushed to Robert Debré Hospital […]

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A new montessori school is planned for Cherbourg

A Montessori School Planned in Cherbourg for the Start of September

Emilie Reyrat and Séverine Baudry have plans to open a Montessori school in Cherbourg for the start of September 2018. Emilie Reyrat and Séverine Baudry have plans to create a bilingual school with the Montessori method in  Cherbourg . The goal of the two young women is to see this school open its doors in September 2018 . The goal, […]

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No school transport in the Seine et Marne due to Snow and Ice

Seine et Marne: No School Transport on Wednesday 7th February

Because of the snow and ice planned for Wednesday the prefecture announced that there will be no school transport Wednesday 7th February In heavy snow now falling throughout the Ile-de-France. Since the beginning of the afternoon, the Seine-et-Marne, as the whole region, hass passed into the Level 3 Snow and Ice plan.  With the aim to limit […]

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GIFs are to be used to try and combat bullying

The Fight against Bullying using GIFs

HARASSMENT: The European Association against the bullying has launched a GIFs based campaign to sensitize young people to the phenomenon … Teasing, violence, humiliation, harassment at school is a scourge for millions of teenagers worldwide. Acts which sometimes seem insignificant to stalkers, but that can have catastrophic consequences for the victims. Some, devastated even ended their […]

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Marine Le Pen has said that she will end Free education for foreign children

School: Marine Le Pen Wants to End Free Education for Foreign Children

The president of the Front National, and candidate for president, wants foreign children no longer “treated” or “educated for free.” Marine Le Pen, the president of the Front National and candidate for president in the forthcoming elections in 2017, has called for the end of the free education for foreign children at a press meeting […]

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Road accident between School bus and Truck in Bavincourt

Arras: One Died in an Accident between a School bus and a Truck

ROAD ACCIDENT: The accident left one dead and two people are in danger, announces the prefecture … A serious accident occurred on Monday morning on the RN 25 between Arras and Doullens between a truck and a school bus. The accident left one dead and several wounded, two of them have been seriously injured and in […]

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School: 65% of French for the Return of the Uniform 1

School: 65% of French for the Return of the Uniform

How do the French do they relate to school? Three in four French people believe that the quality of teaching in schools has decreased according to a BVA poll. Other education, 65% support the return of the uniform to school. Two-thirds of French (65%) are in favor of restoring the uniform to school, a score […]

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Over 100,000 students will be taught at Catholic Establishments in the Loire Atlantique

Catholic teaching more than 100,000 students in the Loire Atlantique

The bar is crossed. The 350 schools, colleges and Catholic high schools will receive 100,123 students. Thursday, August 25, it was the return of the directors on the theme of “openness to others”. Catholic establishments in the Loire-Atlantique is about to receive 100,123 students in schools, colleges and high schools. Total enrollment increased to cross the symbolic […]

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