Coronavirus in Haute-Garonne: A School Closed near Toulouse after a Case of Covid-19

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A school closed near Toulouse after a case of Covid-19 in the framework

CORONAVIRUS: The Piquepeyre de Fenouillet school group has been closed since Tuesday. The establishment, which receives children of nursing staff, has registered a case of Covid-19 among its staff.

EDIT of May 14, 2020: The city of Fenouillet says this Thursday that the school will reopen Monday, May 18 for the children of caregivers. “The state of health of Covid’s sick Atsem is improving day by day,” she said on their website. “All of the eight other municipal officials were all tested negative. “

Fenouillet (Haute-Garonne) had decided not to reopen his schools on Tuesday. But, as since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the Piquepeyre school group was to continue to welcome the children of healthcare workers from this commune of around 5,000 inhabitants, in the northern suburbs of Toulouse.

However, the establishment is closed since Tuesday morning, by municipal decree, “due to a case of Covid-19 declared by a staff of the atsem team “, indicates a press release published on the website of the cityThe town hall indicates to have been warned of this contamination Monday afternoon and to have informed the families of the children welcomed in the evening.

“All of the Atsem were placed in the fortnight, as well as the head of the family unit, until May 15th, and this in order to take into account the date of the last contact with the sick person dated April 30th”, specifies the document.

Reopening on May 18th?

The premises will be completely disinfected, and the personnel directly concerned must be tested “very quickly”. “Depending on the results of these tests, a decision whether or not to reopen the school on May 18th will be made by the municipal team,” said the municipality. In all cases, the school will only continue to welcome the children of caregivers.

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