Moncé-en-Belin: Tensions Over School Meals Between Parents and Elected Officials

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Parents of students from Moncé-en-Belin dispute the lack of variety of cold meals provided by the canteen provider, as well as the price.

Parents of students from Moncé-en-Belin dispute the lack of variety of cold meals provided by the canteen provider, as well as the price.

Some parents of Moncé-en-Belin challenge the lack of variety of cold meals provided by the provider of the canteen, as well as price. They pay € 4 per meal as usual, whereas usually, this sum finances a hot and balanced meal.

As in all schools in the country from May 11th, some sixty students from the town ate in a picnic mode.


At the start, it was a celebration, but after two good weeks of this special diet, weariness settled, according to these parents.

Then cold salads appeared on the menu, alternating with the sandwich. But the parents end up deploring “a lack of balanced diet”.

In addition the previous mayor had mentioned a possible gratuitousness, but disappointment for these citizens? who think it is an abuse to pay 4 € for these meals – it will not be.

One of the parents of the pupils said: “I created a Facebook group during the confinement ”  Moncéen Moncéenne Tous Unis against the Coronavirus   which I transformed ”  Moncéen Moncéenne Tous Unis for municipal life   . Parents spoke and asked questions. ”

Not to the taste of parents

The municipality recently responded to this movement with a press release, response and response methods which are far from the taste of these parents.

They, therefore, called a demonstration earlier this week and invited the press. Thirty parents had a somewhat tense face-to-face with the elected officials concerned in the presence of the new mayor Irène Boyer.

On the one hand, elected officials invoking the contract with the service provider, and on the other, parents wanting quick and concrete answers to their main concern? allow their children to benefit from normal meals.

“The children are hungry in the afternoon”

These parents found that their children “were hungry in the afternoon, and tasting it at home turned into a small meal.” The municipality announces that   food is thrown away every day, not consumed by children”.

Parents believe that this is linked to the lack of variety in meals.

Parents also raised several concerns related to meals. The municipal councillors ensure that concerns are raised daily with the service provider, Restauval, “who has shown responsiveness”. Parents, however, remain sceptical about this partnership.

Price maintenance

The municipal council had explained in the same press release the maintenance of the cost of the meal. Despite this, the price to pay for   a sandwich and a little crisps, or a salad” continues to be debated. The council responds to this that all requests for aid made for three months to the CCAS have been taken into account without verifying the means test.

Service provider

As a solution to the limited variety of meals currently served, some parents have offered to provide their children with a cold meal themselves.

The service provider, in charge of the premises and work tools of the canteen, and who is the employer of the canteen staff, does not seem able to accept this solution. The parents wonder why the claimant seems to “decide everything in this story”.


Financial calculations are invoked but the parents wonder:

“Why the claimant does not lay off part of his staff, he must be receiving state aid at the moment. It is our children and their food health that ultimately pay for the economic problems associated with COVID-19. ”

Return of a classic scheme

Elected officials explained to the press that:

“The municipality has already, since last week, organized with the service provider the return to the classic hot meal from next Monday but on the sole condition of a reduction in the current health protocol”.

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