A Student Positive for Covid-19 in a school in Hellemmes: A Class in Quarantine

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A student from Roger-Salengro school in Hellemmes (North) tested positive for Covid-19. His class was placed in quarantine

Two days after the start of the school year, a student in a class at Roger-Salengro school in Hellemmes, near Lille, tested positive for Covid-19.

Just two days after the start of the school year, a student from Roger-Salengro school in Hellemmes, a municipality associated with Lille, was tested positive for Covid-19. The class is therefore placed in quarantine until September 18th, 2020.

A class in quarantine, the school remains open

The news reached the parents of the students on the afternoon of September 3rd. A child in a class at Salengro school has tested positive for the coronavirus. The student did not have any symptoms.

As per protocol, the parents were immediately informed and the decision was made to place the class in quarantine, which means that students and staff in contact with the child must remain confined for 14 days. The school administration strongly recommends that parents have their children tested within seven days. For the time being, the school remains open, but the situation will be closely monitored by the Regional Health Agency.

The management of the Covid-19 epidemic was obviously the main issue of the start of the school year. “Our goal is not to have any closures of establishments”, explained Valérie Cabuil, rector of the Lille academy . “We’re not going to lie to each other, there will certainly be. But we must limit as much as possible ”.

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