Wearing a mask is now compulsory in enclosed public places in six municipalities in Mayenne.

Mayenne: Wearing a Mandatory Mask in Six Municipalities

The prefecture of Mayenne has just issued a decree requiring the wearing of masks in enclosed public places in six municipalities. New decision to try to reduce the circulation of the coronavirus in Mayenne, the prefecture took a decree making compulsory the wearing of the mask in closed public places, that is establishments receiving the public, of six communes. These […]

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A driver caught speeding at Louverné also tested positive for alcohol and cocaine

Louverné: 155 km/h, 1.68 gram of alcohol and cocaine on the A81

Laval Gendarmes arrested in the afternoon of Sunday 7th May, a driver of 29 years, on the A81 (Le Mans-Rennes) at Louverné. The young man, who was traveling at 155 km/h was highly alcoholic and cocaine screening was positive. Sunday 7th May, the gendarmes of the Laval motorized platoon stopped a speeding driver on the A81 […]

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The police at Louverné stopped a driver traveling at 172 km/h instead of 110.

Louverné: Speeding at 172 km/h instead of 110 km/h

Friday morning, the Laval Gendarmes stopped a motorist at Louverné who was speeding at 172 km/h or 62 km/h above the speed limit. His license was withdrawn on the spot. This is what is called losing his license to speed. This Friday 20th January, the Gendarmes of Laval motorized platoon conducted a speed check on […]

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The gendarmes of the motorized brigade of Laval intercepted an unlicensed driver Thursday in Louverné.

Louverné: Intercepted at 132 km/h without a licence

Thursday, 29th September, the Gendarmerie from Laval have caught  a motorist traveling at 132 km/h at Louverné.  The driver had no licence. The gendarmes of the Laval motorized squad have caught, Thursday, late afternoon, a vehicle travelling at a speed of 132 km/h instead of 110 km/h.  He was traveling on the RN162 to Louverné. […]

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