Louverné: Intercepted at 132 km/h without a licence

Local News
The gendarmes of the motorized brigade of Laval intercepted an unlicensed driver Thursday in Louverné.

Thursday, 29th September, the Gendarmerie from Laval have caught  a motorist traveling at 132 km/h at Louverné.  The driver had no licence.

The gendarmes of the Laval motorized squad have caught, Thursday, late afternoon, a vehicle travelling at a speed of 132 km/h instead of 110 km/h.  He was traveling on the RN162 to Louverné.

When checking, the bikers were able to determine that person aged 30, from Retiers (Ille-et-Vilaine), should no longer be in possession of a driving license.  He had, indeed, been banned from driving for the loss of all of its points.

The person is left as a passenger of the vehicle. He will later be called before the Laval court to answer for his actions.

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