Louverné: 155 km/h, 1.68 gram of alcohol and cocaine on the A81

Local News
A driver caught speeding at Louverné also tested positive for alcohol and cocaine

Laval Gendarmes arrested in the afternoon of Sunday 7th May, a driver of 29 years, on the A81 (Le Mans-Rennes) at Louverné. The young man, who was traveling at 155 km/h was highly alcoholic and cocaine screening was positive.

Sunday 7th May, the gendarmes of the Laval motorized platoon stopped a speeding driver on the A81 motorway, linking Le Mans to Rennes.

The monitoring was held at Louverné at 5.35pm.

Originally from Rennes and 29 years old, he was caught speeding at 155 km/h (130 km/h allowed). He had a positive alcohol test of 1.68 g/l and screening for cocaine tested positive.

The license of the young man was immediately retained and the vehicle immobilized. The driver will soon answer for these crimes before the Criminal Court of Laval.

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