Louverné: Speeding at 172 km/h instead of 110 km/h

Local News
The police at Louverné stopped a driver traveling at 172 km/h instead of 110.

Friday morning, the Laval Gendarmes stopped a motorist at Louverné who was speeding at 172 km/h or 62 km/h above the speed limit. His license was withdrawn on the spot.

This is what is called losing his license to speed. This Friday 20th January, the Gendarmes of Laval motorized platoon conducted a speed check on the RN162, at Louverné.

At 8.20am, the driver of a Peugeot 508 SW was intercepted at the speed of 172 km/h instead of 110 km/h.

The 47-year-old driver residing at Jublains, was the subject of an immediate withdrawal of his driving license.

He will also be summoned before the Laval police court to answer for this very large speeding offence.

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