Confinement: Water Sports and Boating Prohibited in the Mediterranean

Local News
Water sports and boating prohibited in the Mediterranean during confinement.

EPIDEMIC: However, business travel in the Mediterranean remains authorised in a number of cases during the coronavirus confinement.

According to a decree published by the Toulon maritime prefecture, nautical and recreational activities are prohibited in the Mediterranean Sea “until the end of the measures enacted by the government to regulate travel”. The decree specifies that the purpose of this measure is to prevent the “risk of dissemination by sea” of coronavirus Covid-19 and not to clutter up medical services.

Professional travel remains authorized with a specific certificate, in particular in the following circumstances: “commercial operations, fishing, marine culture, maritime or scientific work, escorts, equipment testing, continuing education or compulsory training for the maintenance of professional skills, training in the operation of pleasure craft at sea ”.

Authorised training activities

Permanent residents of an island have the right to navigate “only to provide food for the home, for direct journeys to the nearest mainland port”. Schoolchildren, high-level athletes and students can also continue their activities at sea as part of their training.

French ships and ships under foreign flags are authorized to return to their homeport on the coast, but “will not be able to take to sea”.

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