The coronavirus Covid-19 left more dead between Friday July 3 and Monday July France

Covid-19: 98 New Admissions, 77,319 Patients Cured in Total… Update on Monday

The epidemiological situation seems to be stabilizing in mainland France, according to health authorities. On the other hand, the circulation of the virus in Guyana remains “worrying”. The arrival of the summer vacation should not rhyme with lax efforts in the fight against the Coronavirus Covid-19. This is the message of the health authorities, during its last […]

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The WHO is looking for the source of the virus in China

Coronavirus: WHO Sends Team to China to Determine Source of Epidemic

CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: The WHO team in China is trying to know your enemy better to fight them better Since it appeared, the coronavirus has had many suspected culprits: the pangolin, the bat, the mink … Months have passed, the strange Wuhan pneumonia has become a global pandemic, without anyone really knowing where it came from. With this in mind, the World […]

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The number of clusters is increasing in France but no sign of resumption of the coronavirus epidemic

Coronavirus: The Number of Clusters is Increasing in France but No Sign of Resumption of the Epidemic

EPIDEMIC: The weekly number of coronavirus clusters discovered in France increased from 29 to 37 in the space of seven days This is one of the data closely scrutinized by the French public health agency (SpF) to assess the state of the coronavirus epidemic. According to the latest figures collected by SpF, the number of clusters – namely […]

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There has been 111 coronavirus covid-19 deaths in France in the last 24 hours

Covid-19: 111 Additional Deaths, 820 Patients Still in Intensive Care

This Tuesday 16th June, 2020, there were 38 additional covid-19 deaths in hospital in 24 hours, 73 in medico-social establishments but the last assessment dated from several days. While at the National Assembly, the commission of inquiry on the management of the health crisis began its work this Tuesday 16th June 2020, with particular the hearing of […]

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Spain freezes number of the Coronavirus Covid-19 cases

Coronavirus: Spain Generates Doubts by “Freezing” the Number of Dead

HEALTH: Spain no longer gives daily counts of its coronavirus Covid-19 patients Spain has been “freezing” for days its total number of coronavirus deaths, thus leaving room for doubt about the development of the epidemic in one of the countries most bereaved by Covid-19. Since June 7th, the death counter has been stopped at 27,136. And the Department […]

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One month after the deconfinement, the circulation of Coronavirus Covid-19 is in decline in the Pays de la Loire region

Coronavirus in Pays de la Loire: “The Circulation of the Virus is Extremely Weak”, notes the ARS

EPIDEMIC: One month after the deconfinement, the circulation of Coronavirus Covid-19 is in decline in the Pays de la Loire region More than 41,000 screenings have been carried out since May 11th in the Pays de la Loire. The incidence rate of positive cases is decreasing, as is the rate of positive tests. However, barrier gestures […]

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children less infected with coronavirus covid-19 and less contagious than adults, doctors say

Covid-19: Children Less Infected and Less Contagious than Adults, Doctors Say

A study carried out by French researchers on 605 young children reveals that they are not the main propagators of the new coronavirus covid-19. Contrary to a widespread idea at the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, children do not seem to be the main spreaders of the virus and seem less contagious than adults, according to the conclusions of […]

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Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, president of the Scientific Council, on April 26, 2020 in Paris.

The Epidemic is Under Control According to the President of the Scientific Council

Professor Jean-François Delfraissy estimates that the virus continues to circulate, in particular in certain regions, but it circulates at a slow speed. On the eve of a first weekend away from home for many French people, experts commissioned by the government believe that the epidemic, if it is not over, is finally “controlled” and are considering the […]

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The Hauts-de-France departments remain classified in red this Monday, May 4, with a view to deconfinement, despite encouraging indicators concerning the Covid-19 epidemic.

Covid-19: 66 Dead in 24 Hours, Fewer Cases in Intensive Care… Update this Wednesday

The epidemic of the new coronavirus seems to be slowing in France, according to the latest assessment from the Directorate General of Health: fewer deaths and more people healed. In its latest bulletin, the Directorate-General for Health hammered it out: the Covid-19 virus is still circulating. However, the latest figures published show an improvement in the health crisis. Fewer deaths (even […]

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Very slight increase in the number of patients hospitalised with Covid-19 in France

Covid-19: Very Slight Increase in the Number of Patients Hospitalised in France

The coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic continues to decline overall, despite a slight increase in hospitalisations since the day before, according to the latest health report, this Sunday 24th May  At the end of the first long weekend after May 11th, the health authorities took stock of the Covid-19 epidemic on Sunday 24th May 2020. In a press release, the Directorate […]

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