Coronavirus in Italy: Government Imposes 10 pm Curfew Across the Country

General News
Piazza Del Popolo in Rome, 3 November 2020.

EPIDEMIC: The measure will take effect in Italy from Thursday, while other measures are expected during the day to try and contain the coronavirus epidemic

Like the rest of Europe, Italy is hardening its strategy to fight the coronavirusFrom Thursday, a national curfew will be put in place from 10 pm, after the signing to this effect of a decree by the head of the Italian government Giuseppe Conte.

Other restrictive measures have also been decided, in particular the closure of shopping centres during the weekend. They should be detailed during the day and will be in effect until December 3rd.

High schools closed, cruises cancelled

According to this new decree, the 20 regions of Italy will be divided, according to the media, into three zones, green, orange and red depending on the seriousness of the epidemiological situation, and in which more or less restrictive measures will be applied. . Nationally, a curfew from 10 pm to 5 am will be implemented and it will only be possible to circulate during this period for work or health reasons that must be justified.

High schools will all have to switch to distance education and museums will be closed. Shopping centres will also be closed on weekends or holidays and public transport will not be able to accept more than 50% of the total passenger capacity. Cruises are also cancelled from this date, except those already in progress.

The Ministry of Health will decide on the classification of regions and their possible change of colour on the basis of twenty factors, such as the transmission rate or the occupancy rate of beds in hospitals or intensive care units. The first country affected in Europe by the Covid-19 epidemic in February, Italy recorded more than 39,000 deaths for more than 750,000 cases.

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