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This month, June, is the month when most towns and villages hold Music Festivals. I took the family to the one held in Châteaubriant, last Friday Night, arriving at about 9.30 pm, it was alredy in full swing, with 10 stages placed around the town centre, with about 3 bands playing on each stage at different times of the evening. There were many styles of music ranging from traditional Breton music to modern Pop music, Jazz, Rock, the Samba, music through the 60’s right up to current chart covers.

As it was such a warm night, the town had larger crowds than usual, with many of the Bars overflowing, and it was proving difficult to move between the stages with all the people dancing, clapping, singing or just watching. It was such a good party atmosphere. We left at around 1 am as the children were getting tired, although it was still going strong.

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