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Just bought a PTC

After all the frustrations in the PTC world, I have decided to give it a go myself and have bought my own PTC.

It is called Hilarious Clicks, and is based on the aurora script. The membership, which is free by the way, is just over the 100 mark, but new members are joining everyday.

There are approximately around 20 clicks per day, and you can even add your own site in the click exchange section (similar to a traffic exchange) on a 5:4 ratio, meaning for every five sites that you surf, you will receive 4 in exchange.

Advertising prices are low at the moment, although as the membership increases, then the prices will go up slightly so that the members can earn more per click.

Payout is at the moment $1.00 (although I am considering lowering this) and payment is via Paypal (again other payment processors will be added in time).

Take a look and see what you think at Hilarious clicks.

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