Water sports and boating prohibited in the Mediterranean during confinement.

Confinement: Water Sports and Boating Prohibited in the Mediterranean

EPIDEMIC: However, business travel in the Mediterranean remains authorised in a number of cases during the coronavirus confinement. According to a decree published by the Toulon maritime prefecture, nautical and recreational activities are prohibited in the Mediterranean Sea “until the end of the measures enacted by the government to regulate travel”. The decree specifies that the purpose of this […]

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Sète: A "factory ship" draws seawater from the Mediterranean and bottles it

Sète: A “Factory Ship” Draws Seawater from the Mediterranean and Bottles It

BEVERAGE: This boat like no other is capable of producing 4 million bottles in two weeks For the past few months, an imposing ship 200 meters long has been the object of all curiosities, in the port of Sète, in the Hérault. It is true that the ODeep One, a former car ferry, is not really a boat like the others. It contains […]

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Ocean Viking: France ready to welcome migrants but not the ship

Ocean Viking: France Ready to Welcome Migrants but Not the Ship

The last humanitarian ship, Ocean Viking in the Mediterranean is still waiting in the Sicilian channel for a port where the 356 survivors on board, some of them for 12 days, can land. France is ” ready ” to welcome “a significant number of migrants” present aboard the Ocean Viking, but maintains its refusal to receive the ship because it must be […]

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The ship of the Proactiva Open Arms NGO off Lampedusa in Italy on August 17, 2019.

Migrants: Spain Offers the Ship Open Arms to Dock in the Balearic Islands and conspires Italy

Stuck for 18 days at sea, the humanitarian ship Open Arms still has no authorization to land in Italy Shame for humanity”: the Spanish Minister of Defense has condemned the Italian Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini. The latter is accused of wanting to profit politically from the hundred migrants massed aboard the ship Open Arms, which Madrid […]

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The ship of the Proactiva Open Arms NGO off Lampedusa in Italy on August 17, 2019.

Open Arms: France Agrees to welcome 40 migrants, ship still stuck

The French government said it was ready Sunday 18th August, 2019 to accommodate 40 of the hundred migrants stranded on the humanitarian ship off Lampedusa. France has pledged to welcome 40 people of the hundred migrants currently stranded on the Open Arms, the ship of the Spanish NGO Proactiva off Lampedusa, announced Sunday 18th August […]

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Migrants: Malta refuses refueling Ocean Viking humanitarian boat

Migrants: Malta Refuses Refueling Ocean Viking Humanitarian Boat

The successor of Aquarius, the Ocean Viking, chartered by SOS Mediterranean and Médecins sans Frontières, must rescue migrants off the coast of Europe. The Maltese authorities refused Wednesday 7th August 2019 full of fuel to the humanitarian ship Ocean Viking of SOS Mediterranean and Médecins sans Frontières, announced on board AFP the head of relief operations to […]

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More than 110 migrants missing after sinking off Liby

More than 110 Migrants Missing after Sinking off Libya

This is “the worst tragedy in the Mediterranean this year,” said the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Thursday 25th July 2019. More than 110 migrants are missing after the sinking of their boat off Libya on Thursday, July 25, 2019, a new drama described by the UN as the “worst” tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea this year. According to the International […]

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About 60 migrants drowned in the Mediterranean trying to reach Europe

Mediterranean: About Sixty Drowned Migrants

Nearly sixty migrants have died since Saturday evening in the Mediterranean off Tunisia and Turkey trying to reach Europe. Nearly sixty migrants have died since Saturday evening in the Mediterranean off Tunisia and Turkey trying to reach Europe, when the new Italian Minister of the Interior hammered in Sicily his anti – immigration speech. Forty-eight bodies were rescued […]

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Could Mediterranean beaches be the next terrorist target of Islamic State

The Mediterranean Beaches, Could They be the Next Target of Daesh?

TERRORISM: The intelligence services of some European countries fear an attack based on that of Sousse, in Tunisia … Could the Mediterranean beaches be the target of the jihadist organization Islamic State this summer? That’s what worried the secret services of some European countries less than a year after an attack against a Tunisian hotel in […]

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Shark filmed off the beaches of the Mediterranean

Mediterranean: They’re filming a Shark 7 Metres Long Near the Beaches

This is the first observation of a basking shark this year. There were only three last year … Nicolas, Fabien and Kevin had taken the sea early Saturday morning to enjoy the sun and watch the dolphins. Yet this is another meeting that the three friends made: at 10am, this March 26, 10 km from […]

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