Coronavirus: The Government Postpones the Presentation of the Recovery Plan for a Week

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The Government delays its coronavirus recovery plan until September

ECONOMY: The Government has postponed the presentation of its coronavirus recovery plan for France until September

The government will postpone to “the first week of September” the presentation scheduled for Tuesday, August 25th of its recovery plan, in order to devote itself more completely to the deadlines of the re-entry on the health plan, announced Saturday the spokesman Gabriel Attal.

The plan, which “is ready”, will be presented “the day after a return to school for which we must first ensure the right organizational conditions” with regard to the fight against Covid-19, writes Gabriel Attal in a statement specifying that a defense council will take place on Tuesday 25th.

A plan of 100 billion euros expected by companies

The government was initially supposed to unveil the details of its 100 billion euros plan on Tuesday, awaited by the companies in the sectors most affected by the crisis. The government’s objective with this plan, of which Gabriel Attal specifies that “the schedule is maintained”, is to find from 2022 a level of national wealth for France equivalent to the level before the crisis.

“While the obligation to wear a mask in business and for college and high school students will come into force in ten days, the government is fully mobilized to prepare for this health deadline,” the government spokesman wrote in his press release. He underlines that President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Jean Castex want the ministers to “finalize the precise modalities” of this obligation “to ensure the proper application of these preventive measures and allow their ownership by all”.

Following the Defense Council, the press release continued, “the ministers concerned will devote the following days to continuing the meetings initiated with their respective sectors to support them and ensure with them the proper application of the new health measures of September 1”. Therefore, “the presentation of the stimulus plan, which was initially due next Tuesday, will take place the first week of September.”

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