Coronavirus: A Team will be Excluded from the Tour de France Based on Two Positive (or Strongly Symptomatic) Cases

Tour de France
New Health protocol measures for coronavirus on the Tour de France

CYCLING: The main measures of the health protocol for the Tour de France are put in place by ASO are starting to leak

It’s a question that has tormented the teams since the restart: what will happen if we discover a rider positive for coronavirus on the Tour de France, THE race that must save the cycling season? Will the race be stopped immediately?

No team disqualified for a single positive PCR test

According to the first elements of the health protocol observed by the specialized site Vélo News, this will not be the case. Indeed, ASO leaves itself a little margin, since it will initially reason in terms of team rather than of peloton, each formation being supposed to evolve in isolation as soon as the finish line is crossed.

Thus, a runner positive for Covid-19 will have to leave the race without delay. From two positive PCR tests or more in the same team (staff included), this will mean his exclusion. The organization also reserves the right to exclude a team for the same reason if at least two runners show severe symptoms suggesting Covid, including if the tests are negative.

The cyclists tested during the two days of rest

All riders will be tested before the start, then during the two days of rest. The rest of the time, we will have to trust the team doctors, who will send a questionnaire every day to the race medical commission summarizing the state of health of the runners.

If we add the compulsory masks over the entire course or almost and the sanitary bubble around the participants, this leaves a good chance for the Tour to last three weeks. Unless the overall health situation pushes the government to stop the race before September 20.

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