Yellow Vests protests have restarted in Paris and across France

Yellow Vests: Tear Gas & Dozens of Arrests as France’s Most Vocal Protest Movement Makes 1st Comeback During Covid-19

For the first time in months, the Yellow Vests have this Saturday resumed their protest activities on the streets of Paris which quickly descended into chaos, scuffles with police and numerous arrests. For the first time in months, the Yellow Vests have this Saturday resumed their protest activities on the streets of Paris. The sizeable […]

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Coronavirus: Emmanuel Macron calls on the French to be "more vigilant" in private meetings

Coronavirus: Emmanuel Macron Calls on the French to be “More Vigilant” in Private Meetings

COVID-19 EPIDEMIC: In the past 24 hours, France has recorded 4,203 new positive coronavirus cases and 25 additional deaths Faced with the acceleration of cases of contamination with the coronavirus, the French President, Emmanuel Macron, this Tuesday, the French to be “more vigilant” in respecting barrier gestures “in moments of private life”. “We must not relax in moments […]

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Emmanuel Macron during the Defense Council

Coronavirus: Emmanuel Macron and Jean Castex Bring Together a New Defense Council this Tuesday

HEALTH CRISIS: The Head of State, Emmanuel Macron is due to chair, this Tuesday, a Defense Council which will take stock of the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic and the various health protocols Controlling the epidemic without slowing down economic recovery: this is the challenge that Emmanuel Macron and his government will have to take up . The executive returns to school […]

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The Government delays its coronavirus recovery plan until September

Coronavirus: The Government Postpones the Presentation of the Recovery Plan for a Week

ECONOMY: The Government has postponed the presentation of its coronavirus recovery plan for France until September The government will postpone to “the first week of September” the presentation scheduled for Tuesday, August 25th of its recovery plan, in order to devote itself more completely to the deadlines of the re-entry on the health plan, announced Saturday […]

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Emmanuel Macron announces mandatory mask from August 1st

Interview of 14th July: Macron Announces the Mandatory Mask in Enclosed Spaces from August 1st

CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC: Emmanuel Macron warned of an epidemic which “is starting again a little” Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday declined several measures in the face of the economic and health crisis, after having presided over a ceremony of July 14th in a reduced format. The mandatory wearing of masks, hitherto confined to public transport since deconfinement on May 11, will be […]

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Emmanuel Macron speaks to the French for the 4th time since the beginning of the epidemic coronavirus.

Green Zone Everywhere, Back to School for all, Reviving the Economy: Emmanuel Macron’s Announcements

The President of the Republic addressed the French for the fourth time since the start of the coronavirus epidemic. With one course: to revive the country’s economy. And four. This Sunday, June 14, 2020, Emmanuel Macron delivered a solemn address, the fourth since the start of the coronavirus epidemic in France. The President of the Republic spoke from the Elysée Palace […]

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Emmanuel Macron and Prince Charles

Emmanuel Macron to Celebrate the June 18th Appeal in London

80TH ANNIVERSARY: The Head of State and his delegation will, however, escape the quarantine imposed on travellers entering the United Kingdom, in accordance with the exemptions provided for by the British government Emmanuel Macron will travel to London on Thursday to mark the 80th anniversary of the June 18 appeal launched by General de Gaulle, announced on […]

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Emmanuel Macron unveiled the main measures to save the automotive sector, hit by the Covid-19 crisis.

Automobile: An Exceptional Conversion Bonus for the Purchase of a Hybrid from June 1st

On the road on Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron presented the broad outlines of his “massive” support plan for the automotive sector, amounting to 8 billion euros. “We all have one goal: to fight for jobs and the automotive industry, everywhere in France”. This Tuesday 26th May 2020, Emmanuel Macron presented his plan at more than 8 billion euros to support the automotive […]

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Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Coronavirus: Seven out of Ten French People Support a Government of National Unity, According to a Poll

EPIDEMIC: Among the parties currently in opposition that could be called to a government of National Unity, the people interviewed would mostly vote for environmentalists before Les Républicains About seven in ten French (71%) would favour the formation of a government of national unity to confront the crisis of the coronavirus and its consequences, according to an Ifop poll for La […]

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It is from the Elysée Palace, the Head of State held a videoconference on deconfinement with twenty local elected officials about deconfinement

Deconfinement, Masks, Back to School… This is what Emmanuel Macron said to the Mayors

The head of state, Emmanuel Macron held a videoconference on deconfinement with 22 local elected officials, including the mayor of Toulouse, Thursday 23rd April 2020. Here is what they said. Emmanuel Macron and local elected officials met on Thursday 23rd April 2020 in the morning by videoconference to discuss the terms of the deconfinement, which must occur in less […]

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