Brittany: The Perfect Storm, Foam overwhelms St. Guénolé

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Foam on the streets of Saint-Guénolé

The first storm of the year pushed clouds of foam on the streets of a little harbour south Finistere …

The phenomenon is still impressive, even if it is not uncommon on the tip of Brittany.A cream-colored foam that invaded January 2 some streets of the port of Saint-Guénolé, Penmarc’h, in southern Finistère, as shown in this video posted by Ouest-France.

Tempête d’écume sur Saint-Guénolé par OuestFranceFR

This foam comes directly from the seas crashing on the jagged coast of the southwestern tip of Brittany. The water traps air bubbles myriads stabilized by the presence of phytoplankton (tiny algae), to form a substance which, pushed by the winds, gets inside of the ribs. The thickness of the layer, in the streets, can reach 50 cm.

2016 First storm

The tip of Brittany did not wait long to see the first storm of 2016. This January 2,gusts approaching 90 km/h were recorded around 2pm on the tip of Penmarc’h.

This gale comes from a very active depression centered over western Ireland. The winds are expected to decline in the afternoon to regain strength in the morning of January 3rd.

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