70 years of VAT in France

70 Years of VAT: But in fact, what would France be like without Value Added Tax?

PURCHASING POWER: We’re laughing – Bruno Le Maire, doesn’t really put this option on the table The essential This Wednesday is a day of celebration for state finances: TVA is celebrating its 70th anniversary. By dint of coming across it on every street corner (and every expense), you may no longer realize it, but it […]

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French not happy with their Financial Situation

The French Estimate that they are Missing 897 Euros to Achieve “Financial well-being”, according to this survey

INCOME: Only 4 out of 10 French people are mentally comfortable with their financial situation Six out of ten French people are dissatisfied with their financial situation according to the Society and Consumption Observatory barometer published on March 29. Asked about their relationship with money for the online bank BforBank, two-thirds of respondents admitted that they regularly thought […]

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One in Four Electric cars sold in Europe, will be made in China

One in Four Electric Vehicles Sold in Europe in 2024 will be Made in China

AUTO: While the announced wave is only just beginning, “Made in China” cars should already represent 25% of electric sales in Europe this year This figure, which comes from the European Federation for Transport and the Environment, should worry the highest authorities of the Union, whose decision that only electric cars would still have the right […]

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Absenteeism increased from 4.5 to 6.2% in France

Teleworking, Absenteeism, 4-day Week… Employees say Goodbye to Friday

EMPLOYMENT: Does the disappearance of Friday reflect the lack of motivation of employees? On the last day of the week, company offices are increasingly empty. And despite teleworking, absenteeism is increasing and has real consequences on the economy. The four-day week acclaimed by 77% of French people! The result is more surprising than it seems, […]

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Interview with Emmanuel Macron

Interview with Emmanuel Macron: Borne, Riots, School, Ecology… What to Remember

RECAP: The Head of State, Emmanuel Macron was the guest of the TF1 and France 2 news from New Caledonia, where he is travelling After his speech last week during the Council of Ministers, before the new Borne government, Emmanuel Macron was the guest this Monday at 1 p.m. on the news of TF1 and France […]

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Poverty rate reaches record high in Ten years

The “Deprivation” Rate, Another Measure of the Poverty Rate, Reaches a Record High in Ten Years

PURCHASING POWER: Unlike the monetary poverty rate, the deprivation rate is based on households giving up certain products or services. 4%. Thursday, INSEE indicated that the rate of “material and social deprivation” affects 14% of the population of France. Unlike monetary poverty rates, which are based on household income, the deprivation rate is calculated on the basis of households […]

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The electric scooter is taking over cities

Eco-mobility: Electric Scooters is Taking Cities at High Speed

VROUM: As sales figures soar for electric scooters and specialist brands multiply, we tell you all about these “clean” two-wheelers Very practical for short daily journeys, scooters have long found their followers, especially among young people. While the fight against CO2 emissions intensifies, these small two-wheelers were nevertheless neglected in favour of modern technological innovations. But in the space of two […]

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India agrees in principle to purchase 26 Rafales and 3 French submarines

India Agrees in Principle to Purchase 26 Rafales and 3 French Submarines

AIR AND SEA: The Indian Defense Acquisition Board has approved these purchase proposals but prices have not yet been negotiated The invitation of the Indian Prime Minister to Paris, guest of honour of the National Day of July 14th seems to pay. India gave its agreement in principle on Thursday for the purchase from France of 26 Rafale fighter planes, […]

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Court of Auditors investigates the public money to hunters in France

The Court of Auditors Investigates the Millions of Euros of Public Money Paid to Hunters

The institution is surprised that the public service missions entrusted to the federations of hunters are not better controlled, and that the latter do not report more on the use of the sums granted by the State. Hunters don’t just kill animals. The law has in fact entrusted them with public service missions, such as the […]

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Pension reform plans for Self-employed in France

Self-Employed: Why the Reform to Increase their Retirement could be a Flop

The pension reform plans to review the contribution base for self-employed workers to improve their pension rights. But this change may not produce the expected effects. An interesting goal that might not be achieved. By presenting the pension reform, the government has undertaken to raise the pensions of the self-employed, in particular those who receive the smallest […]

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