Inflation: Bakers at the heart of a new battle between the government and the opposition

Inflation: Bakers at the Heart of a New Battle Between the Government and the Opposition

BREAD ON THE BOARD: The executive has announced new measures to support businesses in difficulty, but the opposition accuses the government of “letting bakers die” Many bakers have denounced in recent weeks soaring prices, and in particular the increase in their energy bills, which threaten them with bankruptcy. Faced with anger, the government announced several aids […]

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Fuel: compensation of 100 euros may be requested from January 16

Fuel: Compensation of 100 Euros may be Requested from 16th January

BOOST: The Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, announced in early December the replacement of the rebate on fuel by an indemnity of 100 euros reserved for the 10 million most modest workers. From the 16th of January, beneficiaries of the new fuel allowance of 100 euros, replacing the general rebate which ended on the 31st of December, will […]

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Inflation slowed to 5.9% YoY in December

Rising Prices: Inflation Slowed to 5.9% YoY in December

PURCHASING POWER: Over one year, inflation continued to be driven by the rise in energy prices, which jumped by 15.1%, and that of food products, up very sharply by 12.1% In France, the rise in inflation slowed in December to 5.9% over one year, against 6.2% in November, according to the provisional estimate communicated by INSEE on Wednesday. A temporary […]

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Government offers aid to bakers in Energy crisis

Energy: A Delay for the Payment of Taxes and Social Security Contributions Granted to Bakers

FINANCIAL AID: Elisabeth Borne wanted bakers to also be able to “spread out” the energy bills for the first months of the year A little respite for bakers hit hard by rising energy prices. Elisabeth Borne announced on Tuesday that they will be able to “request the deferral of the payment of their taxes and social security contributions” to […]

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China: Foreign video games obtain a license, a first in eighteen months

China: Foreign Video Games Obtain a License, a First in Eighteen Months

GAMING: The country had not licensed a foreign video game since June 2021 China on Wednesday granted licenses to foreign video games. This type of authorization is a first in eighteen months, auguring a certain relaxation in a sector undermined by the Chinese authorities. If video games represent a significant financial windfall in the country, they were in the crosshairs […]

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Fuel Prices: Pump Rebates Will End on December 31st

FUELS: Public aid of 100 euros, intended for the most modest transported workers, will be available on 16th January As announced for several months, the rebates on fuel prices from the government and TotalEnergies will end on December 31 at midnight. The price of petrol and diesel will therefore increase mechanically in service stations, reports BFMTV. Concretely, from the 1st January 2023, […]

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In 2022, the French have Never Paid so Much Tax for 30 Years

TAXATION: The French, households as well as businesses, have paid more taxes than they have ever done for 30 years.  The French, households as well as businesses, have paid more taxes than they have ever done for 30 years. Mandatory tax levies in 2022 reached 45.2% of GDP in 2022, i.e. 0.9 points more than in […]

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Petrol, Electricity, Hydrogen… Madic’s “Energy Mix” to Supply the French Car Fleet

CONSUMPTION: Manufacturer of petrol pumps, electric and hydrogen charging stations, the Madic group is preparing to supply an energy mix for the vehicles of tomorrow After half a century of activity in the oil industry, the Madic group is preparing for the energy transition with the production of a range of charging stations for electric vehicles […]

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Airbus and Renault Join Forces to Develop a New Generation Battery

TECHNOLOGY: The engineers of the two groups will work on the creation of a new generation of batteries which will be able to double the density of stored energy by 2030 Airbus and Renault have just signed an agreement to develop the battery of the future Their engineers will work together to double the energy […]

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Fuel prices to increase

Fuels: A “Runaway” at the Pump Before the Drop in Rebates

FUEL PRICES: Petrol stations out of fuel were much more numerous on Monday than at the end of October, two days before the drop in rebates from the State and TotalEnergies Soon the end of discounts. petrol stations out of fuel were much more numerous on Monday than at the end of October, particularly in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Ile-de-France, […]

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