Weather in Cantal: Lower Temperatures but Still Plenty of Sun

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The sun will still be present today, but the temperatures will return to seasons, with a significant drop in the afternoon in Cantal

Hello everyone, it’s Sunday 17th February, 2019 and the latest forecast from Meteo France, shows that there should be plenty of sunshine around today, although there will be a big difference in temperatures.

10 degrees less in a day

In spite of the still important presence of the sun, the temperatures will show a big tumble this afternoon compared to yesterday.

Compared to yesterday, Saturday, it will be 8 degrees on average in the afternoon, or a decrease of almost 10 degrees over yesterday’s temperatures.

Be careful not to get sick!

Weather forecast for Cantal this Sunday 17th February
Weather forecast for Cantal this Sunday 17th February 2019

Have a lovely day everybody !

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