A few showers and a hint of sunshine for Cantal today

Weather in Cantal: A Few Showers and a Hint of Sunshine

After two days of calm, the rain will be back today, with some showers in the course of the day. Thunderstorms are also expected in the late afternoon. After almost two days without rain in the Cantal (Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes), it is forecast to return today according to the latest weather forecast from Meteo France this morning. At […]

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A dead man in a car accident Wednesday, May 15, 2019 near Saint-Flour in Cantal

Cantal: A Dead Man in a Road Accident near Saint-Flour

ROAD ACCIDENT: A collision made a death on Wednesday 15th May, 2019, around 8pm near the town of Roffiac. The driver from Cantal was 47 years old. On Wednesday 15th May, 2019, around 8pm, a driver of a car aged 47, was driving on the RD 690 between Saint-Flour and Murat in Cantal. According to preliminary findings, he swerved  […]

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The weather in Cantal will start off under a cloudy sky

Weather in Cantal: A Cloudy Sky this Thursday 16th May, 2019

The day will start under a cloudy sky in the Cantal department (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) this Thursday 16th May This Thursday 16th May, 2019, the weather in Cantal (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) will start under a cloudy sky. According to the latest forecast from Meteo France, the sun will make a break through the clouds, with very pleasant temperatures.  However, […]

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Plenty of sunshine across the Cantal department this Wednesday

Weather in Cantal: Plenty of Sunshine this Wednesday

WEATHER: Another day where the sun decided to be present on the whole of the Cantal department. This Wednesday 15th May, 2019, the weather forecast for the Cantal department (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) according to the latest forecast from Meteo France is for plenty of sunshine. Today, spring will be the party throughout the day. As for the temperatures, […]

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Weather forecast for the Cantal on Saturday 11th May

Rainy Weather in the Cantal, this Saturday 11th May, 2019

A gloomy weather is scheduled for the day of Saturday 11th May, 2019 throughout the Cantal department Today, the weather for this Saturday 11th May, 2019 will be gloomy throughout the day across the whole of the department of Cantal (Auverne-Rhône-Alpes), with some occasional sun that will make  appearances.  It will be 15 ° at Maurs, 12 […]

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A beginning of the week, marked by the return of the sun for the Cantal

Weather in Cantal: A Day Without Rain, with Sun for the Day

A start of the week without rain is forecast for the Cantal, with rising temperatures. Hello everyone, it’s Monday 29th April 29,and here is the latest forecast for the day for the Cantal. A day without a raindrop After several days of rain and bad weather, the start of the week promises more pleasant. The day will be marked […]

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The rain is back and intends to settle in the sky of Cantal for several days.

Weather in Cantal: A Rainy Day this Thursday 25th April

Today, the rain will once again be at the rendezvous and will dominate most of the day, with even some flakes on the East of Cantal. Good day everyone, it’s Thursday 25th April, 2019 . Heavy rain in the morning The beginning of the day will be marked by heavy rainfall . The rain will be at least until mid-afternoon. […]

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Another way to switch to the pump with this fast charging station for electric vehicles in service in Vic-sur-Cère, Cantal

Cantal: The First Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicles is in Service

This is a first in the Cantal: the first fast charging station for electric vehicles is in service on the side of Vic-sur-Cère. The commune of Vic-sur-Cère has voluntarily signed up to a sustainable mobility approach, reducing energy consumption and preserving biodiversity. For this, it responded to the call for project “Territory with Positive Energy Green Growth” […]

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Rain in the morning for Cantal, clearing later

Weather in Cantal: A Little Rain, Some Clearings Later in the Afternoon

The day of Friday 15th March will be disturbed again, with the presence of rain. The sun will nevertheless be present in the afternoon. The weather will once again start off wet this morning across the Cantal department according to the latest weather forecast from Meteo France. More rain, but some sun In the morning, rain […]

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