Weather: It’s Nice (almost) Everywhere in France

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The weather in France is nice almost everywhere

The weather on Sunday will generally be sunny, except in Brittany and around the Gulf of Lion, according to Meteo France forecasts.

The sun is at the rendezvous this Sunday afternoon almost everywhere in France. Almost ? The weather will often be very cloudy around the Gulf of Lion (Mediterranean-Western) and in Brittany with a few drops possible locally.

Weather forecast for France

The sky will be brighter but veiled by clouds of altitude of the Pays de la Loire and Normandy in Hauts-de-France. On the rest of the country, the sun will dominate largely, after the dissipation of the few banks of morning mists.

It will be 11 to 16 degrees north of the Loire and 14 to 19 degrees south, or even 20 to 21 degrees south of the Garonne.

The headwind will remain moderate to fairly strong, with gusts reaching 70 to 80 km/h as well as the southerly wind on the west of the Pyrenean peaks.

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