Act XIV Yellow Vests in Rouen: A Car Struck Demonstrators, Four Wounded

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Four protesters were overthrown by a car during the Act XIV Yellow Vests in Rouen.

During Act XIV of the mobilisation of yellow vests in Rouen, Saturday 16th February, 2019, four people were overthrown by a car in Rouen (Seine-Maritime). Details.

Four people were overthrown by a car during the act XIV of Vests yellow, Saturday , February 16, 2019, in Rouen (Seine – Maritime). The victims are slightly injured.

The driver tries to enter the event

The facts occurred a little before 5 pm As the motorcade was coming up the avenue du Mont-Riboudet, a car was blocked by the demonstration at the Citroën garage.

Trying to pass then clear, the driver overthrew four people. Three were directly supported by the firefighters and transported to the CHU “in a state of relative urgency” says the prefecture of Seine-Maritime, Saturday in the e

A child on board

According to the information collected, the driver in question “was afraid because his baby received projectiles”. In the procession of protesters, several versions of the event then circulated, some corroborating the presence of the baby and the nervousness of the driver.

According to the testimony of a street medic present on site, “the car was in the middle of the demonstration. The passenger opened the door to “yell” on these yellow vests, then the driver accelerated.

According to our information, the driver presented himself at the police station in the evening. In addition, a protester was arrested in Rouen for throwing projectiles and outrage. The Rouen event gathered between 1,500 and 2,500 yellow vests, according to the estimate of a journalist on site.

Three arrests in Le Havre

On the rest of the department, the demonstrations were rather calm. A movement gathering up to 300 people travelled the streets of Le Havre where three people were arrested.

Note also the attempted blocking undertaken in the morning by the Yellow Vests in Barentin, quickly aborted by the gendarmerie that intervened around 12:30. Other small movements were recorded in Dieppe and Saint-Valery-en-Caux, still in calm.

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